Monday, September 1, 2008

Crack That Whip

It's Labor Day, a day when we should honor all the suckahs like me who toil in thankless jobs day after day just to pay the bar tab mortgage.

Nothing spells toil like a month long bender that started in Connecticut, and has now forced me out of my petite sized clothing and into mumus.

So much to show, so much to tell.

But in honor of this national day of more binging, but I swear I'm going on the wagon until Christmas starting Tuesday rest, I offer you this teaser:

break yo mama's back


Anonymous said...

Oh man! Bill has a Devo Energy Dome! I'm sure he would have let you borrow it for the show!

Whip it good.

steenky bee said...

I'll tune in. For me, Devo is the clincher.

NucMEd is Hot said...

Ok so I was gone for a week and I come back to beer fest and people must know what I need to start off the week!

I liked my guest blogger so much that I begged her to stay!

Captain Dumbass said...

Devo and a beer fest? This site just gets better and better.

The Bean said...

oh...lordy lordy...Devo..and beer!

Anonymous said...

Yes indeed, it was a day for the ages. And just in case you don't know this, the Del Mar in that sign is the Del Mar - the one where you get to throw all your money away on the ponies.

Devo looked and sounded exactly the same, except that their jumpsuits were several sizes larger.

Anonymous said...

Well Jacquie, although you do indeed work long and hard, at least you're not "working in a coal mine."

(I can't believe you didn't include any of your crazy dance photos!)

Leslie said...

Devo and microbrews? Shut your mouth. I am jealous.