Friday, September 5, 2008

Tiny Bubbles

I’m 45 today. I know! I don’t look a day over 48.

I love birthdays. Not the aging process so much – the creaks and spots and bits that don’t seem to have the purity or ease or suppleness they once did. But I do love that today is the day that it’s September 5th, and it will be all day, and all day it’s about me me me.

My Mom and Dad always made a big deal out of birthdays when we were kids.

See? I got this, um, doll? When I was three or so.

And, here's Mistah Schleckah, around the same age, living in his own parallel universe.

Mom and Dad blew these photos up to poster size for the party the night before our wedding. Cute, I know. No, not the knee socks. Those are not cute. Those are geeky.

My friend Jennie’s birthday was last month, and she and her man stopped by in the early evening to collect her loot and have a drink with us. We drank a bottle of Champagne – which J.Bro herself had given us for a housewarming bottle – then drank another, this one from The Mumsie. Jennie and Paul left for dinner and Mistah and I continued right on getting pitsnoggled – it was the least we could do for our friend The Birthday Girl. We’d run out of bubbly, though, so had to drink wine. Out of our Champagne flutes, natch.

So I’ve determined that on my birthday, I’m going to drink Champagne all day -- while I’m doing all my favorite things -- and never run out.

I’m going to go for a walk in the morning.

I always pass the Buddah on my walks, and I always wave. He's very calming. And very a-dor-able.
Then I’m going to go to the Tavern and serve pints and burgers to all the peeps. We don't serve Champagne . . .
. . . so I’m going to meet my girl Nancy and her man Jonny at Ocean Beach. And drink Champagne.
My sister Mary Beth and her man Mark are going to meet us at Ocean Beach, too. And drink Champagne.
Then we'll go back downtown to see some more peeps. And drink more Champagne.
My man Mistah Schleckah will chauffer me around town, looking for my peeps.

Jennie? Oh, I think so.

Peter and Martha? Could be, if we catch them pre-dogbite.

Who knows, really? Sisters and Sistahs and friends and pals and peeps and Champagne . . .

All my favorite things.


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday, Ellie! I wish I could drink the day away in bubbly with you. xoxo Julie

martyjoco said...

Happy Birthday to you!
Happy Birthday to you!
Happy Birthday dear Ellie!
Happy Birthday to you!

Tons of love from martyjoco!

NucMEd is Hot said...

Happy Birthday Ellie!

We actually start celebrating on birthday eve.

Enjoy your peeps and you drinks and have one for me too!

Unknown said...

Happy Birthday Ellie!

I'll break out the Crown Royal. If you don't make it over, I'll drink it for you so no worries.

Best wishes for much health and happiness.

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday, Ellie Girl! I'll drink one for you - with that poor bastard who got cropped out of the Mar and Mark photo!

Have a great day, sounds like you can't go wrong by surrounding yourself with such lovely peeps. Wish I could be there, too!

p.s. Don't forget the aspirin before bed

Anonymous said...

Bubbly all day? What could be better? I may just break out the bubbly I got for my 40th birthday and toast you from OB west.

Happy Birthday to you, Ellie!

(Loved those little Ellie and Mistah photos. Precious.)

Anonymous said...

Hope you have a lovely, bubbly, sunny birthday! cheers, Lisa

foolery said...

Wow, I'm meeting you on your birthday! Does this mean you were


Right on.

Have a wonderful day (how could you not with plans like these?) and thanks for visiting Foolery.


-- Laurie @ Foolery

That One Guy said...

Happy friggin' birthday!! You were born 15 days before me!... I hope to celebrate similarly...


steenky bee said...

Happy Birthday. I couldn't help overhearing something about the ocean and champagne.....

Aunt Becky said...

Happy Birthday!

Anonymous said...

Oh, Ellie, if I had only known. I would have made you the "perfect" margarita so you wouldn't have had to fool around with that champagne!

Have a very happy birthday! One day, you'll find my new blog and then the world will be all tequila and cabrito and dancing 'til dawn!

AKA John

Anonymous said...

Happy birthday, Ellie, If your pub was in my neighbourhood, or even town, I would totally be there tonight to buy you so many drinks that they'd push you over to the other side of the bar.

Unknown said...

A birthday toast for Ellie!

I love you,
I love you,
I love you, I do.
But don't get excited,
I love monkeys, too.

Your plans sound AWEsome! Hope it's the best!

Sweet Jennie said...

OH! Could this day have been better?? The sound of the waves, Ledge Light in the distance, the pouring of champagne???? OH!!! And the Peeps! All-stars showing up for the B-day gal! N&J, MB&M, & Mistah!!! So happy to be a part of the celebration.:-)All the best, the biggest hearts & soooooooo much love!!!

Deb Rox said...

Happy Birthday! Celebrate all weekend.

I'll be drinking champagne at brunch in your honor. I might just continue all day!

Captain Dumbass said...

Happy belated, Ellie

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday, Ellie!! Sorry its a day late - and hoping that by now you have recovered enough from all the bubbly to read this!! Hope you had a great day.

Leslie said...

Happy Belated Birthday!

Anonymous said...

Well happy belated birthday!! I hope you drank your weight in champagne. :)