Friday, September 19, 2008

Arizona red

I thought I'd follow Ellie's beautiful Oregon Blue series with an equally beautiful Arizona Red series, as I spent last weekend in northern Arizona taking in all the wonders that area has to offer.

However, I have no Mistah. I have to take all my own photos. Here's the problem, I rarely get my camera out. I know, what self-respecting blogger is lazy about taking photos? Me. I am. I tend to just commit beauty to memory. Not very helpful when trying to put together an Arizona Red series, let me tell you.

So instead of Ellie's 28 photos, I offer you 3. (I was going to post just 1, but that wouldn't be a series, now would it?)


nicole antoinette said...

Gorgeous. I hiked the Grand Canyon this spring and LOVED it!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful, Beth! You don't need no stinkin' Mistah!

Hope it was a good trip.

Anonymous said...

I can't believe you didn't show a single cowboy. You'd better be working on a big post for next week =)

I'm glad to see that the Grand Canyon is still stunning. Ellie, remember the Thanksgiving that we were there in a snowstorm and you could not even see that there was a canyon? That was cold.

Anonymous said...

YES. We had to stay an extra day so you could actually see the Canyon truly existed.

It was Thanksgiving, and it was a full moon. Andman did it snow. Brrrrrr

Kathy Rogers said...

So pretty! Haven't been there since I was a kid. This blog is becoming a danger to my travel budget.