Tuesday, December 23, 2008

gettin' 'er done day

I was so smug.

I had a good, organized list.

I had a plan for my Christmas shopping.

I had avoided the crowds on these last few weekends before the big day. I would not find myself trapped out there in the big, bad world with every other working parent in the city. My vacation started last Friday, I not only had the luxury of filling my weekend with daytime jaunts with the kiddos and fun parties at night, but I had those ever-elusive weekdays ahead in which to shop! Weekdays, when us working stiffs generally leave the retails aisles clear for bon-bon popping homebodies.

So imagine my chagrin to see that 10am on my Get ‘Er Done Day looked like this:

Whoever sang that it never rains in southern california was a big dumb stupid liar.
Mercifully, my Monday was salvaged by giftwrapped books, pineapple basil martinis, sistahs and ceviche in a cozy cabana booth

and when I say cozy, I mean cozy

But dear God, the rogue apostophes almost ruined it.


Anonymous said...

Look at the size of those drinks! isn't it nice when a stressful day is followed by a blissfully de-stressing evening?

I think the rain thing is when people mix up So-Cal with Camelot. Never a good idea.

Pickles and Dimes said...

That cabana booth is AWESOME.

Heh - rogue apostrophes. They always ruin everything.

Me, You, or Ellie said...

Aw, Jacquie, I love your peeps. Look at you all!

Rogue apostrophes nearly kill me, every time. They drive me out of my ever-living mind. I can't stand it. And the worst part is, I always end up apologizing, for being a control freak.

Aw schookies. Happy Happy Joy Joy.


Me, You, or Ellie said...

Oh, Ellie, don't I know it. You fixed one of my apostrophes in Monday's post. You did ask first, but you would not have been able to resist even if I wanted to stand by my rude rogue apostrophe.

To you, Jacquie, I say excellent job at turning your day around. You do so love your basil drinks, and your sistahs


beth said...

When it rain's it pour's! (Sorry about that).