Saturday, December 6, 2008

Weekend 3-Way: Puppy Love

We're back! After a blockbuster November of guest bloggers (thank you Jane and Julie and Jessica and Pat), Beth, Jacquie and I are making our triumphant return to our old Weekend 3-Way format.

Thursday was the birthday of our (Jacquie's and my) first family pooch, and also the day my friends lost their beloved kitty. So, in honor of Yobo and, especially, of Wilko, please share a funny, silly, poignant or amusing anecdote about a pet. Photos are, as always, encouraged.


Well, over the years my various pets have performed lots of crazy antics; unfortunately what comes to mind right now is the story that my daughter thinks is hilarious and begs me to tell to anyone and everyone if the subject of skunks or her dog Marley comes up. (And no, we do not have a pet skunk. And yes, this is what spurred Jacquie's boy to devise the famous skunk trap in my former back yard.)
One night our dog Marley was barking and barking and barking, to the point where I left Anneke in bed with her bedtime story and went to investigate. I found him with his face pressed to the sliding glass door, making as much noise as he could at a little skunk, seemingly unfazed, who was just 18 inches away eating out of his dog bowl.

I went and got my daughter out of bed so that she too could check out the hungry little skunk. We looked, we giggled, then returned to our bedtime stories.

Twenty minutes later, stories over, I left to find the skunk still eating the dog food. I’m not sure how much longer he sat there wolfing down the kibble, but in the morning there was a pile of skunk shit right in the spot ol’ Pepe Le Pew had been eating the night before.

The skunk literally ate until he shit!

Okay, now here comes my daughter’s favorite part….. Marley went straight to that pile of shit and ate it up. Gross, I know.

Then there’s always the less gross, but funnier story about Marley and his lack of shelter.


After the demise of poor ol' Yobo, our family got another Airedale Terrier: Bogey. Where Yobo was calm, Bogey was excitable. While Yobo was sweet, Bogey was insane.

And Bogey had this odd, odd habit of lying on her dog bed, with one arm front leg and one back leg sticking straight up in the air. She looked like she was in the later stages of Rigor Mortis. We called it Doing the Rig. Or Rigging Out.

Having no manners at all, Bogey would sometimes Rig Out right in the middle of a room full of people.

A room full of people drinking Bud.

Jacquie, who knows Fun when she sees it, decided to get right into the act:

She, at least, had the decency to Rig Out in Bogey's dog bed. And had pretty great form, too.

Well, that last one is hard to top. For sure. Look how tan I was!
I offer you seven months of Moki:




October - in costume

November - vulture pose



Me, You, or Ellie said...

"Vulture pose" kind of looks like "pooping pose."


Anonymous said...

Skunks.... none seen yet, but I just know they are lurking and will eventually sneak into our yard and spray Missy... just a matter of time.

Bogey is so dang cute! Wondering if he is very vocal... My sister had an Airdale that would carry on quite the conversations...

The Blue Ridge Gal