Saturday, December 27, 2008

Weekend 3-Way: Christmas Tid-Bits

Happy Post-Boxing Day!

For today's Weekend 3-Way, please share a Christmas tid-bit. Your highpoint, your lowpoint, your silliest present, your oldest fruitcake (dessert or relative) -- anything. Photos are, as always, cherished.

Christmas Eve we spent all day readying our home, then headed south for dinner with Mom and Dad. When we got back to New London on Christmas morning, our house was sparkling, the table was set, the food was prepared and ready to pop in the oven.

And then, the in-laws descended.

We had a lovely baked-ziti-turkey-sausage-spinach dinner . . .

. . . then sat around opening our loot. And because I had a house full of in-laws, I always had a glass of champagne or wine in my hand. Perpetually. Glued. Which made our walk stumble to P&M's house later such an adventure.


Well, I've already overshared my favorite moments from Christmas, but just to prove that the fun does not end when the fat guy heads back up north, here is a very very very good moment from last night:

The week ahead promises to be chock-full of favorite moments!


Hmm, there were lots of interesting Christmas tid-bits, good gifts, and holiday highpoints, but I have to say that I have never enjoyed the grocery store more that this Christmas, after dropping my girls off at their dad's house for their second Christmas celebration. It was lunch time and it was almost empty. It seemed that there were twice as many Vons employees as there were shoppers. I was in need of two last-minute, hostess-type holiday gifts and I can honestly say I had a lovely time buying them. Lovely. I also savored the drive back home following my purchases, because the streets were deserted -- which was so welcome after the hustle and bustle and mayhem of the few days preceding Christmas.

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