Saturday, December 20, 2008

Weekend 3 way: Holiday Cheer(s)

So yes, the holidays are upon us, and yes, this time of year brings stress and joy and sometimes even melancholy. And as someone who occasionally turns to drink when stressed, or sad, and of course at festive holiday parties, I’m wondering what you're drinking to make it through the holiday season. What’s your favorite, fabulous holiday libation? Hot toddy? Mulled red wine? Mistletoe martini?

Knowing Ellie’s thoughts about the Christmas season, I wouldn’t be surprised if she listed the Irish car bomb, but me? I like some of the more traditional cold-weather drinks. I actually had a delicious one last night: real hot chocolate (you know, the kind prepared on the stove with real chocolate and milk?) with a peppermint candy spoon, and a shot of Rumplemintz, the oh-so-potent peppermint schnapps from Germany. I’m not sure of the official name….Hot peppermint chocolate? Hot Patti? Coco mint? But no matter the name, I know how to make it.

I also enjoy the traditional eggnog with brandy as well as poinsettias, the festive, chilled, red bubbly drink containing ½ oz Cointreau or triple sec, Champagne, and 3 oz cranberry juice.


Mmmm. That sounds good, Beth. I always thought a poinsettia was just campers with a splash of cranberry juice....

My choice of bever-AJ tends to change because of weather, not holiday. Beer (usually Guinness at the Taven, or Heinecans at the beach) and wine (chardonnay on ice, lately) are the steady twosome, with margies thrown in in the summer, and bloody marys making their appearance in the colder months. And champagne, of course, on every Special Occasion.

That said, last night was our Tavern Christmas party, and I was drinking glasses - not pints - of Bass. Or in the Tavern venacular: Schmall Basch.

And here is proof. That glass never left my hand. Unless ol' Santa there behind the bar was filling it up for me.


My drinkie poo choices don't change much throughout the year, I'm a creature of habit. Newcastle is my beer of choice, when a clinky-ice drinks suit my mood I'll go for a margarita or a juicy vodka. I do also quite enjoy the girlie martini phenomenon, and lemon drops are just plain delish.

A couple of days ago, my sister Julie mentioned in passing the delicious "beer floats" that she had recently enjoyed so much that she inspired a party around their consumption. I had the idea that these were akin to a sake bomb, or that some other libation would float inside one's beer. When pressed for the recipe, however, Julie revealed this travesty:

It sounds gross, but that just makes it better when you try it and it's so surprisingly tasty.

Beer Floats

Dark Beer (we used a local Mocha Stout and Guiness)

Homemade vanilla Ice Cream (can also use coffee ice cream or mocha java chip)


Put a brownie and a scoop of ice cream in a beer mug, top with dark beer and enjoy!

As you can imagine, this caused quite a stir among our little family e-mail circle:

Colleen said: "When Mom says "it sounds gross", she means it IS gross. And when she later says that it is "so surprisingly tasty", she's lying"

I said: "Colleeen!!! Really?! I was all set to buy the ingredients for tomorrow's work party! And yes, I said BUY. Anyone who makes their own ice cream can kiss my ass"

Julie: "Jacqueline, remember she is a child, with unrefined taste buds"

Mom: "when I read about brownies soaking in beer (what a waste of brownies), I almost puked. Guess I'm just a child, with unrefined taste buds......"

Ellie: "Barf-O-la."

Jane: "I, for one, think it sounds rockin"

Julie: "That's my girl. They're really tasty."

Ellie: "Really? (to Jane) You don't even *like* beer! Remember that one time we were talking in Evanston, and we were talking about beer, and the going out for one? It went like this:

E: It makes me fat.
J: It makes me dumb.
E: It makes Bill break out.
J: It makes Doug foos.

Hey! Let's all four go out for beers! What fun!!!"

And I swear that Mary Beth wrapped it all up with an expansion of mom's sentiments about the tragic waste of beer, ice cream and brownies, but I can't find her e-mail! Ellie?

I love my family.


Me, You, or Ellie said...

Well, geez, Corey girls, I guess I need to have some sort of holiday/winter drink-inspired party (at which I will NOT be serving beer floats) so that you guys can change it up a bit. Get festive, you know?


Kathi D said...

Mmmm, I'm thinking some real hot chocolate with whipped cream on top.

beth said...

Bailey's in my coffee (every day up till Christmas) sure make the Holiday shopping more enjoyable.

Anonymous said...

You're cracking me up, Jacquie. This was my input about beer floats:

I, too, had no idea that beer floats really are so root beer floatesque. I wouldn't waste the brownies & beer on each other, either!

Ann, what do you think?

Me, You, or Ellie said...

Ann has *not* chimed in.

MB, I love the word "flotesque". Good vocab usage, Biggest.


foolery said...

Ellie enticed me here with promises of beer floats. I had correctly imagined the ice cream and dark beer part, but miscalculated on the brownie part.

What IS key is this: dark beer = hearty stouts and ales, which are creamy, fruity, nutty, chocolaty, and often need to be sliced and chewed. Not unlike a good fruitcake (with GOOD being the operative word, rare as they are). I would not pour a pilsner or lager within ten feet of ice cream or brownies. My ice cream and beer experience was pure dumb luck, but I'd do it again.

Happy New Year to all of you, and now I need a drink! Crap, I'm at work. ; )

-- Laurie @ Foolery