Saturday, January 31, 2009

Weekend 3-way: Superbowl

It’s hard not to notice that it’s Superbowl weekend, I mean who among us doesn't know that the Arizona Cardinals are playing the Pittsburgh Steelers in Tampa on Sunday? Most of us probably also know that Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band is the halftime act, and that there are going to be plenty of $3-million-dollar, 30-second commercials to watch? (Recession be damned!)

So my burning question is what are your Superbowl plans? Are you hosting a party? Attending a party? Watching at home? Not even going to watch?

To be perfectly honest, I don’t know what I’m doing for the Superbowl, or if I’m even going to watch the game this year. That would be a first for me, I think. I’m toying with the idea of going shopping during the big game, but maybe I’ll change my mind and camp out in front of the TV with my Super special slip-on koozie and cooler.


We're going to finish up this year's football season the same way we experienced most of it, with our great friends who live just a few doors down, who have a nice tv, a big yard and a smoooshy little baby girl for me to steal. We really should be having them over here, it's a totally one-sided relationship because we always go to their house, but I'm ascared of my giant puppy's baby eating potential, and we're down to one bathroom, and our yard is a teeny little crap-covered patch (literally). In exchange for being such lame non-inviters, we bring the food. Ohhh, we'll bring the food alright! I'm thinking:

1. The requisite lil' smokies - I have a great recipe that I make every superbowl. Dijon and brown sugar are involved.

2. Chips/Guac/Salsa - our hosts have a football helmet shaped chip & dip server that must be employed in homage to our poor old Chargers.

3. Raw veggies, and lots of 'em

4. Vacillating between pulled pork or sloppy joes in the crock pot. I looooove me some pulled pork, but I feel I might have done it to death and should branch out a little. I think a good turkey/beef sloppy joe with tiny diced veggies and worcestershire and warm, crusty rolls sounds yummy.

5. I'm not a baker. I shall buy my dessert. Probably those great big dreamy cookies from Costco. But one time our hostess made this most rockin dessert:

Take a mini pretzel twist, smoosh a rolo candy on top, put a nut on top of that (was it a pecan? I'll ask her and update). Pop in the oven to melt. Eat. Enjoy orgasm.

It should be a fun day, it's going to be beautiful and summery and I think margaritas are in order. The only bad part is that we have to watch football in between all of the commercials.

Go........... ah, who cares. Who's playing?

This is the first time in years and years we'll actually watch the Superbowl, instead of being in a campground somewhere, and we'll do so at The Tavern, of course. Actually, last year, in Fort Davis, we went to the only bar in town at halftime to watch Tom Petty, and settled in for the second half, but it was a slow night and they decided to close early. On Superbowl Sunday. So we went home and followed the Giants' remarkable victory online.

Our favorite Superbowls, though, have been in the Florida Keys the last few years. All the musicians who typically play in the Key West bars have the day off, and they all get together on Big Pine Key (30 miles up the road, where we stay, at Bahia Honda State Park) to play together. Organized by the lovely and delightful Terry Cassidy, the Pickin' Party has become a huge event over the years, with deep fried turkeys, tons of donated food, a silent auction, and raffles, and all the proceeds go to Habitat for Humanity.

It really is quite a fun event.

And if you don't play an instrument, you can watch the festivities from a tree.


Anonymous said...

Jacquie: If your costco carries it, I highly recommend the frozen limoncello cake from cheescake factory. They are soooooooooooooo good.

Ellie: Thirty years up the road? Now that is quite a ways away!

Us? We'll be staying home this year -- big Pats fans in this house, first time in a long time they won't be at the Superbowl.

Also? I heard that the commercial slots for the Superbowl weren't all sold yet, as of yesterday. Talk about a recession!

Me, You, or Ellie said...

LOL, peaceable. I fixed it to "miles", although I *do* like the sound of "30 years up the road....."


Springer Kneeblood said...

I've never been to a Super Bowl party...never watched the entire game on TV, to my recollection. Tomorrow? We've rented some DVDs and shall engage in a movie marathon.

Rita said...

We're fans of The Puppy Bowl with the Kitten half-time show on Animal Planet.

I could not care less about football. We've hosted and attended Superbowl parties in the past, where I've exercised my amazing ability to sit through an entire sporting event without ever knowing the names of the teams playing or who won the game. Just not this year.

KG said...

I have to say - I enjoyed tonight's game immensely. I love it when it's a good game and not some lame boring snooze festival.

Though I think the commercials left much to be desired. They were a "BOOOO!"

Anonymous said...

Just watched the last quarter... great game.

The Blue Ridge Gal