Friday, January 30, 2009

Is It Summer Yet?

I'm being really brave. I am. I'm trying to live in the moment and not wish my days away, and realize that this, actually, is life. But it's starting to get hard.

Winter is starting to get really hard.

It's my first cold-weather winter in 8 years, and it's still only January. Does time always go this slowly? Didn't the summer fly by?

I've been going through photos, trying to organize them, save them onto CDs, print some, get those into albums, label them. And no, that project's not going well at all.

I came across the photos from my birthday, in early September, when some of my peeps met us at Ocean Beach for Friday afternoon happy hour. Ocean Beach is, of course, great to visit year-round . . .

But it's especially great to visit when one can drink champagne with one's girl after taking a late-afternoon dip. This was just a few months ago, a nano-second blink-of-an-eye in the Big Picture.
I mean, Ledge Light looks the same . . .

. . . but we don't. Because we're warm and our skin is exposed to the air. My skin hasn't felt the air in months and months now . . . Nor has it felt the breeze from the flapping wings of a gigantic seagull.

Actually, he was kind of a handsome fella.

Mistah Schleckah and My Girl Nancy joined in the bday celebrations . . .

. . . as did Nancy's Jonny and The Dowd.

And Ledge Light, naturally. Ledge Light is always there, strong and true.
It's been a sunny winter around here, which helps a lot. And it's staying lighter every day. And our house is sunny and bright, which is an unexpected, but crucial, perk. But it snows an awful lot. And it's just . . . winter. Day after day after day.

Which is entirely different from summer . . .

. . . when I can hang out with my bday girls Nancy and Sweet Jennie and MB, my tiniest biggest sister . . .

. . . and we're all Sunny. And Warm.


Anonymous said...

I think what you need is a beach party. Invite the gang to come in beachwear; fire up the BBQ; make some beachy food and beachy drinks; crank up the central heat; play some beachy tunes. The photos actually warmed me up a bit. Thanks

Kathy Rogers said...

There seems to be a sad shortage of self-inflicted blondes at your beach parties. I volunteer to fill that gap.

Me, You, or Ellie said...

I'll help fill that gap, too, Ellie! I just need an invitation.

Although it's supposed to be in the high 70s at the beach today, it is definitely NOT summer, it's down into the 30s (gasp!) at night. Looking at your photos so made me miss the true high 70s of summer, when it doesn't cool off much at night and when my skin, too, is brown and warm and sandy, just like yours.


Unknown said...

You're making me all itchy for Summer to get here now. That seagull looks like he's coming in for the kill.

Me, You, or Ellie said...

I will resist the urge to ask you once again just what in the name of tarnation you are doing there, because blah blah blah with your great friends and house and activities. I will resist... but just barely.

And I'm very sorry for pointing out the following:

Detailed Local Forecast, San Diego

Today: Plentiful sunshine.
High around 75F.

PS: Moki is trying to eat your bed, maybe you should come and rescue it!


Anonymous said...

Did someone say you were looking for blondes to go to the beach? Crap.. where did I put my winter bikini? You know, the red ones with the long legs and a drop door in the back.

The Blue Ridge Gal

Captain Dumbass said...

Ledge Light? Is that actually built out there or is it on a barge?

Lola said...

I hears ya, girl! New England is a bitch right about now. The end of Feb I start to really lose it, and I want to head to an island. If only we had the money. Skiing is getting me through at this point.

There is a place my best friend and I go to for lunch when we get like that. It's a gorgeous butterfly conservatory, it's tropical as hell in there, and their food is great.

Here's the link. I have no idea how far away from you that is -- it takes us over an hour to get there -- but there might be one like it closer to you. It's a nice little pick-me-up and a great photo op.

Kathi D said...

Stop looking at those pictures. Right. Now.

Google lots of arctic photos.