Saturday, January 3, 2009

Weekend 3-Way: Best of Blog

To honor the passing of 2008, the year our blog baby was born, let us shamelessly celebrate our own unique brand of hilarity, intelligence, beauty, and wit here at Me and You and Ellie.

What were your favorite posts by each author?

favorite JACQUIE posts:

Let me just start by saying that my original idea was for the 3 of us to tell our top 3 posts by the 3 of us, but my co-bloggers were correct in pointing out that this would be quite cumbersome, with 27 highlighted posts! Besides, I would have had a really hard time tooting my own horn to come up with so many favorite earliest posts.

At any rate, my all time favorite has to be Heart and Seoul It was a joy to write. It's always been "the story" for our family, and mom and I both enjoyed the opportunity to get it all down for the archives. She had had the foresight to write down all of those pages of memories, the inspiration that I was so honored to draw from:

"A motel in Seattle? No problem for mom. A phone call at 2 am instructing mom that she had to file more civilian paperwork before heading to the base for their morning flight? Whatever. They are out of milk for her newborn, infant, toddlers, and kids on this transpacific flight? Okey doke! She could handle anything. She was on her way. "

Beth: Heart and Seoul, but since this is also the author's favorite post, and you probably want to read more of Jacquie's good stuff, Out of Satan's ass is another excellent post.

Ellie: Well, I think Heart and Seoul is one of the best posts written in the history of blogging humanity. Really. I think it's a great piece of wonderment. *But*, since that bandwagon is chock-full already, The Big O rocked my world too.

favorite BETH posts:

Beth: Into the world

Ellie: I loved Top Dog; it was bittersweet and frustrating and human and so indicative at that moment in your life, Beth. But I also loved Right Speech; I think it's one of your best-written posts.

Jacquie: now

"The irony, of course, is that if you’re ever actually going to experience happiness, you have to do it now. Past happiness is gone, and future happiness may or may not arise. If you’re going to find contentment, you better damn well do it now. "

favorite ELLIE posts:

Jacquie: Like a Pop-Tart

"E: You’re a big fan of Thoreau, aren’t you?
B: I consider Walden one of my biggest inspirations.
E: You know what I think of Thoreau.
B: I do.
E: Tell the story, Schleck.
B: After I read it and loved it, I got you to reread it. We were in bed one night, reading, and about halfway through Walden you put it down and said, “Get over yourself, Henry David.”
E: Well put, well put. If I do say so myself.
B: -- "

Beth: Thirst

Ellie: Well thank you, you two! I'm so flattered. I liked those both too. I have a couple of favorites of my own. A few. Several. Well, lots and lots, really, but that's not important right now. My most recent favorite was Cubism. But I also think I had a Gutenberg Bible moment [the Gutenberg Bible was the first book ever printed with movable type, and is widely considered, still, 655 years later, to be the best, most beautiful book ever published, arriving fully formed at birth] with my first post ever: I Never See This Stuff Coming....

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