Saturday, January 17, 2009

Weekend 3-Way: Resolved?

It’s mid-January, two – almost three – weeks into 2009. An excellent time to look back at those heady last days of 2008, when we declared, determined, and resolved to changed the world. To change ourselves. To do good deeds. Or, maybe not.

For this weekend’s 3-way, please share: Did you make any New Year’s Resolutions? And if so, are you keeping them?

I always make the same New Year’s Resolution: to have better posture. Sometimes I feel awkward and silly standing up so straight – and, frankly, like I’m sticking out my boobs unnecessarily – but when I see myself in photos, I always look better standing straight and tall.

The fact that I make the same resolution every year is pretty good proof I’m not entirely successful. But I am dogged, I do re-resolve good posture every year, and I just sat up straighter.

I did not officially make resolutions this year. Last year I made a big one, and did not make it happen. It was partly a conscious choice, but who knows what drove the unconscious part. So I have decided that this year, I will simply resolve to be positive as much as possible, to live in the moment, and when faced with choices I will try to do the right thing. Kumbaya and Peace Out.
Dreams are like Rainbows: Only Idiots Chase Them
Usually I do make some new year's resolutions, this year I did not, although I did make a month-of-January resolution. I read (in Sunset Magazine of all places) about a group of friends who resolved to not buy anything new, other than food and supplies such as band-aids and toilet paper, for a year. A whole year with not one new pair of strappy sandals, or 4th of July T-shirt for the kids, or hardback bestseller. The idea was to consume less, and when you do consume, to reuse and recycle. It's a great concept. But it's not easy.
I have to admit, I've not been 100% successful, and it's only January 17th. I had nothing suitable to bring to a 5-year-old birthday party, and I felt that we did not know the family well enough to show up with a used toy or book. I also broke down and bought blue and gold streamers last weekend so that my kids could decorate my friend's house before the Chargers game. But I'm not deterred, we're still trying, and my kids are really into it. Maybe, just maybe we'll re-up in February. No promises though.

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Captain Dumbass said...

I'm aiming at eating more fatty foods, exercising less and maybe taking up smoking.