Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Barack and Roll

Dear President Obama,

So, how was your first day?

New jobs are rough, aren’t they? Between the gala balls and the swearing in, you’ve got to figure out when to take your lunch break, where the bathrooms are, and which of your officemates are feuding or sleeping together.

Hey, before you get too busy finding world peace and patching up the ozone layer, I just want to say congrats, and thanks.

We both know that your job will be really, really hard. Some people see you as a knight on a white horse who is going to swoop in and fix everything, thus restoring the glory of our limp nation. Others are standing by, waiting to witness your failure. Either way, whatever you do and whenever you do it, the judging eyes of the world are focused squarely on you. I am so proud of you for accepting this challenge. I appreciate your humanity, your humility, your courage, and your candor.

I for one will not sit idly, glued to facebook, expecting you to tidy up this mess on your own. I’ve got your back. You knew coming in that the best way to inspire change in this nation was to inspire agents of change, and I’m proud to join those ranks. I am privileged to have the opportunity to do so, and to spread your passionate optimism with the people in my life.

I told my kids what you said, that they don’t have to be President to serve their country. But I also cautioned them about selling themselves short, either of them CAN be president, and that is pretty much the only way they are guaranteed the chance to go bowling in the white house. My boy is intrigued, but my girl wants none of it. She does not want your job, she said there are too many choices to make and she knows that she takes too long when she has to choose. She would prefer to stay a kid. She said that grown ups always have to fill out papers. How boring.

One of the really cool things about being on this journey with you for the last year has been to watch it through the eyes of my children. My two are the same age as your girls – and mine are both readily available for playdates and/or arranged marriages. They are at the age when their social consciousness is ripening and they are really paying attention. They question everything, and from campaign to inauguration they have cued in on the big issues. They don’t miss a trick, and even though they have mixed you up with both Tiger Woods and, they cheered themselves hoarse when you won, and they are positively bursting with anticipation of the ways that you will help them change their world for the better.

I had the distinct pleasure of watching your inaugural address with my girl’s 2nd grade class, on a tv with rabbit ears and rolling static. That didn’t detract from your impact, on me or on those kids. They were all fired up for the chance to watch it live. Maybe more so because your speech took the place of morning math, but still. They are keen to the fact that this is history, this is a day they will remember.

You spoke to me yesterday about the impact that our actions will have on the inevitability of our children’s fate. You talked about the "sapping of confidence across our land -- a nagging fear that America's decline is inevitable, and that the next generation must lower its sights." Cheese and Rice, man. Them’s fightin’ words. Thank you for taking up this fight for them. For all of us.

One word of advice, Barack, if I may be so bold. My kids and many others will take you a lot more seriously if you stop saying “duty” so much.
So good luck, buddy. Let me know if you need anything. Thanks for making it happen.



“Starting today, we must pick ourselves up, dust ourselves off, and begin again the work of remaking America."


Nancy said...

Amen, put a stamp on it!

Me, You, or Ellie said...

Duty. Heh, heh.

I love it Jacquie. Do you work for the Obama speechwriting team? You should. Then you'd have a 27-year old kid for your boss -- how interesting would that be?

Love that you got to watch it with your munchkin's class. I was riveted to the tv at the Tavern all the live long day. Great, great stuff. And great post.


Me, You, or Ellie said...

Love it, Jacquie. Great post.

And I love that the prospect of bowling in the White House is piquing your boy's political aspirations.

nicole antoinette said...

This is such a beautiful post!

Unknown said...

Well said, Jacquie, well said! But Cheese and Rice, J? That makes me love you more, my friend! And put a bug in Jimmy's ear about VP picks...Conor would have his back...

My First Comment!!!

Me, You, or Ellie said...

Aw, Autumn, welcome aboard.

I have no earthly idea what Cheese and Rice means.

And Conor would totally have my pick for VP-ness (say that out loud).


Me, You, or Ellie said...

Thanks for the kind words, peeps! Ellie pointed out that the quote at the end was paraphrased from an old Fred & Ginger movie, how cool is that? And El, "cheese and rice" rhymes with another exclamation, one that mom and God fearing christians everywhere would get mad at me for using.


Me, You, or Ellie said...

Ah-HA! Well, actually, I still didn't get it, but Mistah helped me along. It's my new favorite saying, though.


Anonymous said...

That is terrific. Thank you.

Aline said...

Brilliant...every single last drop of it! I hope you get the chance to show off your skills at work or somewhere, where you can charge for it...we all need to smile more and that's what you did and do...did-do:)

foolery said...

Not only do you really like the guy, but you're also realistic about it, which is why I loved this. Keeping my TV set off for a few weeks (but not my radio) because the whole cheerleader honeymoon thing gives me hives.

This was awesome. And now I am craving cheese and rice.

-- Laurie

Anonymous said...

Please people kill your TV wake up. THESE POLITICIANS do not care about you. They care about their multinational conglomerate corporate cronies. Rahm Emmanuel wrote in his book "The Plan" that he believes all 18 year old men and women be required to serve to years in the military or national service community. In June of 2008 in Colorado Springs, B.O. stated that he plans on installing militarized youth groups across the nation that are as well funded as the U.S. Army and he intends on using them to spy on people who are not paying their carbon tax. WAKE UP ALREADY... join the campaign for liberty... The truth is out there your must open your eyes before you can see it.