Thursday, April 23, 2009

the post not written

The post I’m not writing is all about our lovely visit with lovely extended family members last night. Well wait, that’s not entirely true. The post is written, the intro states that: “this is light on words, heavy on images”. But the wonderful, descriptive, funny photos simply will not upload to blogger from this laptop, in this hotel room, and if I don’t stop trying soon I’m going to leap right out of this 14th story window, and that would sort of ruin the trip. So, at least I have my next post all written!

Right now, I’m skipping the morning session of my conference to supposedly work out and hang with the kids. They’ve been spending short periods of time on their own while I attend to conference related sessions and meals, which was thrilling for almost exactly 12 seconds before it became boring.

I hate the word boring, despise the complaint that: “I’m bored”. Ironically, my kids used the new cell phone that I secured for the purpose of emergency communication during their maiden solo ventures no fewer than ten times during the first hour of the first day to tell me that they were bored. They also called just to see how I was doing, to ask what the meeting was about, to tell me what was on tv, to suggest code words designed to screen the sitter through the locked door when she arrived, to request that I call them so they could hear their ring tone, etc, etc, etc.

Everyone's got a story about how their parents used to respond if we dared to complain about being bored. There were offers of laborious chores, the admonition that only boring people are bored, and threats of bodily harm if the words are uttered again (I'm not naming any names here).

I need some good new comebacks to get me through the rest of this conference, what have you got?


Lola said...

My mother used to just say, "Get outside and get over it" in an ever so sweet tone ;)

Me, You, or Ellie said...

I have hesitated replying to you poste because I do not say anything original. I usually reply, "Good, then you can do your homework."

Not inspired, I told you, but my oldest does leave me the hell alone after I utter that phrase because she would rather do ANYTHING than do her homework!


Me, You, or Ellie said...

I got it. "I'll give you forty lashes with a wet noodle." No one knows what the hell it means, but it's so scary and threatening....... And entirely absurd.