Saturday, April 25, 2009

Weekend 3 Way: happy blogday

There are numerous types of years. There are seasonal years, calendar years, fiscal years, academic years, and all sorts of astronomical years (Julian year, Draconic year, and lunar year, to name just a few), but this past Sunday, April 19, marked the first full year of Me and You and Ellie.

Yes, our baby blog turned one. Happy birthday to it! I forgot to look at the number of visitors the site had accumulated by that particular day, but today we’re over 23,000, so I think we can safely say over 20,000.

Within the last 24 hours we’ve had visitors from Mexico, Dubai, the United Kingdom, and Canada, as well as plenty of Americans from New York to Arizona, Connecticut to Texas, Michigan to California. Some people reach us in error, others visit only occasionally, and still others stop by regularly. We welcome you all!

So in honor of M&Y&E's first birthday, what I’m asking this weekend is what is it about creating/contributing to the blog for the last year that you’ve most enjoyed? Most disliked?

Overall it’s been great. I look forward seeing what my co-bloggers have been doing and thinking and planning. I’ve learned things about them I never would have without the blog. In terms of contributing to the blog, the best part for me is that it forces me to write two or three times a week. Even when I have absolutely nothing to say or cute photos to display, I’ve still got to blog. It’s good for me, and so nice to have one central depository for all the mindless drivel creative ideas that become rambling developed posts.

What I dislike, interestingly, is this same thing—having to write two or three times a week, every week. There are nights when I remember at 11 PM that it’s my turn to post the next day, and I curse the wretched blog. However, once I dig in and actually start writing the post, my displeasure is transformed. (Well, most of the time anyway...)

Well Happy Blogday to my two little co-bloggers. Well done, kids. A year ago I were stuck at the Motel 6 in Nogales Arizona. Sigh...
What I like best about this outlet with which we get to share our minutiae with the world is the ah-ha moment. I have photos, I have an idea, I'm trying to figure out how to get it all to gel, and ah-HA. There is is. The post lands in my brain fully formed, like a little gift from the goddess of creativity. Or something.

What I dislike is the anti-ah-ha moment -- the ah-ha moment's diabolical evil twin. I think I've got all the elements: great photos thanks to Mistah, a viable idea, time to sit down and put it together . . . and it just feels difficult and ungraceful and forced. Think I let that stop me though? Not a chance.
Oh, and I always struggle with endings.

I refuse to end on that negative note, though. The other thing I love -- and I do love this little blog of ours, I do -- is discovering every day what my clever, articulate, beautiful and entirely inimitable co-bloggers have to say.

Awww, happy birthday little Bloggie! I love writing the blog, it’s a great outlet for the stories I want to tell, and a great opportunity to write regularly. I love that so many people from different parts of my life are reading it, it makes me feel connected to extended family and friends that I do not otherwise keep in close touch with. I love the planning aspect of it; and although it can be stressful when it’s my turn and I have no inspiration, I know I can always tell a story from my childhood or snap a few photos of my goofy kids and call it a day. I often have a bunch of ideas swimming around in my head, and try to flesh a couple out to see what grabs hold. I keep notepads in my car, in my gym bag, and in my purse so I can jot phrases and bits that I want to remember. I have written pages and pages of drivel that never saw the publish button, but they are tucked away for future reference, maybe. The only negative for me is the platform, I’ve got some compatibility issues with my laptop/camera/blogger that cause me angst. I hate the feeling that I’ve wasted time, and sometimes when I click publish and get an error message, I become intensely pissed off at the failure. But mostly, the blogging life has offered me pure joy.


Springer Kneeblood said...

I wish I'd baked a blog cake for you guys. Well, my favorite thing about your blog is that you let me visit and comment and you don't point at me and laugh, at least not so I can see it. Happy BlogYear!

Me, You, or Ellie said...

Springer, you're the best. You're a rock star. And we would never point and laugh. As least as far as you know.


The Stiletto Mom said...

Wooo Hooo!!!! Happy birthday from Texas! I love y'alls blog. It's so fun to read all three of you. I love the pictures and the stories and most of all the friendship between you guys. Think how much you'll love looking back on this when you are in your golden years watching your grandkids run around...such a treat for you and for everyone in your family. Congrats ladies!