Monday, April 6, 2009

Security breach

I just had to put it out there on Saturday, just had to mention that security is my least favorite part of air travel.

Because an interesting thing happened to me on Saturday in regards to security. My daughters and I were at the half way point of the trip; we had just eaten lunch, both girls had a frozen yogurt in their hands, and we were walking back to wait in the boarding area for our second flight.

I was slightly ahead of both girls (an error, I now realize) when I turned back to urge them both to hurry up; however, only one girl was there. I had just seen both of them behind me not one minute before. What had happened to my older girl?

"What happened to your sister?" I demanded of my youngest.

She pointed to the revolving door to her right.

No, she wouldn't.

But, yes, she would. She did. My oldest, it seems, could not resit the pull of the revolving door. I made eye contact with her and told her in no uncertian sign language to get back in that door to our side. Right now!

She tried, I'll give her that. She got back in and pushed forward. A loud alarm sounded.

At that point an airport employee told her "No" and asked her where her mother was. She pointed and I waved. "Hello. Push my daughter on through," I pleaded in my head. But there was no coming back out of that revolving door for my daughter.

No sir. She had spun herself into some strange baggage claim area, where there was no coming back, unless of course you went out of the baggage area, walked until you reached the security line, and went on through it (again).

So there we were, me and my youngest, pushing on through that revolving door too.

I had a few heated words for my oldest when we arrived on the other side, she got upset, and the three of us headed north (east? west?) to find the security line.

Ah, security. We missed you. And yes, yes, we know, we'll need to finish the frozen yogurt before we go through....


Me, You, or Ellie said...

Oh, Beth, you are kidding me. That rascal. That's a security breach and a mommy breach.

Hope the second leg was entirely uneventful.


Kat said...

Coronary. Seriously I would have had one.

Me, You, or Ellie said...

Oh Beth, that is too funny! What a little stinker, she must have been horrified when the alarm went off.

How's Florida?