Saturday, December 26, 2009

Weekend 3-Way: Boxing Day

Happy Boxing Day everybody!

This is the traditional day in America when we sleep late and wake up hung over and brew coffee and eat Christmas cookies and sort through our loot. And crow or cry over the state of said loot.

It's also the day when we look back at Christmas Eve and Christmas Day and decide what our high point and low point were, and share them with the world. So! Please do so.

And because it's Boxing Day, you have special dispensation to be as reticent as you like, if that hangover is a doozy. A picture, after all, is worth a thousand words.

Here's my high point:

Sitting around the table after Christmas dinner for ages, with assorted glasses of wine and boozy beverages and cups of coffee and dessert and nuts. With all the nuts. (Just kidding, Hanrahans). It was a lovely meal, if I do say so myself.

My low point was when we discovered, as we were serving said coffee and dessert and nuts to the nuts, we had no half-and-half or cream or any of that thick viscous white coffee-enhancing accoutrement. Except for a frozen quart of skim milk in the freezer. Good thing Mumsie brought whipped cream.


That looks lovely, Ellie! Whipped cream in one's coffee sounds like a high point.

My low point was on Christmas Eve. I had scored some unexpected alone time during the afternoon, and managed to get everything wrapped so that when the little children were all tucked into bed with the sugarplums and yada yada, all that Santa had to do was take the loot out of hiding and lay it beneath the tree and roll out the big ticket item. Santa brought us a ping pong table, and it was in a big, heavy box. I told Bill that once he cut open the box, he'd be able to just roll the table over on its wheels. It was midnight when the box was opened, and it was a low, low point to find this inside, alongside approximately 700 tiny and 2 gigantic parts:

My high point came around 2:00 on Christmas day

Please note that although these two doofs were still in their warm jammies, I was enjoying both the glory of my successful assembly and the warm sunshine in a tank top and shorts. See the beast under the table? She adds a new dimension to ping pong.

I have to add just one more high point - one photo, one word:


Boxing day. It's one of my very favorites! I've already ripped all of the glorious Christmas cards down from their doorway display, and will go on to deconstruct the tree later this morning. Because, you know, when it's over, it's over.....

But you asked about yesterday, and the day before. Luckily my low point was not nearly as surprising, or late night, as Jacquie's. I'm not sure how you pulled that one off, J. I knew of my low point in advance, so was somewhat mentally prepared for it -- it was saying goodbye to the big girls on Christmas eve, at 1 PM. I've not spent a Christmas eve or morn away from either of them since their births, so it was hard, even though I knew they'd be back Christmas afternoon at 1 PM. But my mom and I decided to head to the roof deck to drink it off. After a few Celebration ales I was feeling decidedly better.

My Christmas highpoint was actually just a few hours prior to my low point. We received a baby bike trailer as a Christmas/wedding present the night before Christmas eve, so for the first time were able to take a family bike ride. It was the first time my mom was on a bike in years, and as I mentioned, the first time the baby was ever biked around. The remaining four of us have enjoyed family rides around the Mission bay before, but the more the merrier, right? Our destination was Fanuel St. park, were baby girl had two other firsts: her first time in a baby swing, and her first honest-to-goodness out-loud laugh on said swing. (I would love to post a photo right now, but still do not have a way to get the images off of my camera). You'll just have to picture a beautiful baby girl laughing a beautiful baby laugh on a beautiful sunny Christmas eve morning in your very own beautiful minds.


Me, You, or Ellie said...

How lovely!

My Boxing Day highpoint is reading my fabulous co-bloggers' posts. You kids rock.


wishing you a happy boxing day said...

My highpoint today was the visual of that sweet baby laughing in the swing!
Life gave me the forever holiday low point when my mom died 12 years ago on December 20th, so really every year that I smile and feel joy at Christmas, it's a high point. And sure enough, it happened again!
Lights, carols, my mom's vegetable beef barley soup, candlelight singing of Silent Night at church, kids in new pjs Christmas eve reading The Night Before Christmas, and a few rounds of The Christmas Story while wrapping gifts seems to be the recipe for a Merry Christmas in my Central PA home.
Thanks for sharing yours!