Thursday, December 24, 2009

Holiday welcome

The holidays are about many things. We've touched on more than a few of these things here on Me and You and Ellie -- there are the lights, the office parties, the shows, the music, the cards and the egg nog, but really, really what this season is about, right?

Yes, yes, the child was born, the oil did not run out, and ancestors and culture are reaffirmed, plus by the 24th of December we've put the winter solstice behind us and now are gaining more minutes of precious sunlight every day.

But no matter your religious bent or lack thereof, or your skin color, or gender, or age, this "season" is about remembering our blessings, right? Our good health, our full plates, our good neighbors, beloved friends, and of course, our families.

This year, for the very first time, my mom is staying with us for Chrsitmas. Seeing as my oldest daughter is 8, this seems long overdue. But no matter, this year is the year, and my husband we were not going to let this opportunity pass by.

It was decided that my mom must be met at the airport, and not at the curb after retreiving her luggage, as is often the case, but met at the gate, or at least as close as to the gate as they let you get these days.

It was also decided that there must be signs made to welcome her.

Special signs.

If you've met my husband, I think you'd agree that he's enthusiastic. So when I say special signs, I mean it. These signs positively lit up, and that's no metaphor. Both signs were outlined with battery-operated colored lights, drilled in, one at a time, but you guessed it, my husband. I then outlined the words, and the girls worked their magic coloring them in.

When the big day arrived, we were ready.

Welcome, Nonnie!


has a smile on her face in PA said...

that is the sweetest thing of seen this Christmas Eve day!
I'm sure Pat was overwhelmed, to say the least. (I'm impressed she has the "Nonnie" as her grandma name..mine lived to be 99!)

Let T know that I don't need the lit signs or anything, but my next trip could include a curbside pick-up :)


Me, You, or Ellie said...

Awww, that's so sweet! I was hoping for a photo of the big moment - I'm sure Nonnie was beyond thrilled. Have a wonderful time together.


Me, You, or Ellie said...

Lights? On the signs? Really? That is beyond awesome. I really need to come visit you. By plane.

Have a blast. Merry Christmas!