Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Flash? What Flash?

We got a new flash for our camera and getting used to it has been a big learning curve. A big steep, dangerous-when-wet learning curve.

Mistah had to use it on the fly the first time, but finally found a moment to read the manual and practice using it in the privacy of our own home the other day, while I was reading.

Have you ever seen photos of yourself reading? I hadn't. I make quite an excellent subject, because I never move an inch or a muscle, the whole time the camera is trained on me.

But I also never knew -- never had an idea -- that I hold my hand on my face in a weird manner every moment.

I mean, frankly?

This is all new to me.

I *do* this?

I guess I do this.

I should, of course, be focusing on the new flash and how awesome it is . . .

. . . and how awesomely long my feet look . . .

. . . but all I can see is the hand on the face.

Oh wait!

I must have been turning a page or something.

I was, afterall, reading the best novel of the year . . .

Hey, Ellie! Look up!

Hey! Hii! Whaddya reading?! Hi! Love your new flash! How are you? Hi!



Anonymous said...

Love this. Was the book "The Art of Fielding" or are you on a new one? Ellen

Me, You, or Ellie said...

Yes, Ellen, it was. *Sigh*. I still miss it.


Me, You, or Ellie said...

I cannot wait to read that one! I have a feeling I may be holding my face through it as well. ha ha. (I know that I have awesomely long feet!) I do love your shiny, pretty toe ring, Ellie.

I simply love this photo seris, although like you, Ellie, I did not focus ont he lighting of the photos, just on your gorgeous face in full concentration mode. Looks like you may have some previous experience completely ignoring Mistah!


Me, You, or Ellie said...

That is so funny! Why do you do that? Remember that time on the trip that I saw a photo of myself watching tv and got all fixated on the way my chin was wrinkled? I still worry about looking that way while watching the telly (don't look at me, I'm hideous!)

Love seeing your face, and always love love and triple love your mini major award lamp.

That book is so on my list.