Monday, October 10, 2011

Photo booth reflections

A few weekends ago we attended my youngest daughter's preschool carnival.  And they had.....wait for it.........a photo booth! Oh how I love photo booths. I don't think my husband understood my excitement; he wouldn't even enter the booth with us. But no matter, little miss C and I drew back the curtains, sat down on the tiny round stool and pushed the big red button.

The screen showed the big 5..............4..................3.................2....................1.............then *snap.* This went on 4 times, and when it was done, we made our way back through the curtains, to the full light of day, and retrieved our photos from between the metal bars of the photo chute.

No matter that my still-wet hair is plastered to my head. I love these! Me and my girl. September of 2011.

As I've already mentioned, I love photo booth photos. In fact, I keep a photo booth photo from LONG ago on my dresser.

Hmm, let's take a better look at this

It's circa 7th or 8th grade, taken in Rehoboth Beach, Delaware. Me and Julie Flanigan.

But let's back up, since we started with the very most recent strip from September. Let's see, big gap in time here. These are the second most recent photos I can find:

Yes, I do look like I want to puke, not really sure why I saved this one...

I want to say it was taken in a Stockholm photo booth, but it may well be from the same shoot as the photo below, which features my husband way in the back, just a wee speck behind my big cheeks head. If they were from the same booth, then it's somewhere in Germany, Munich or Essen would be my best guess.

Next, another big leap backward,  this set is from the Ocean City boardwalk in the summer of say...1988.

These next ones are also from the Ocean City boardwalk, from the year earlier, so 1987

And feature me and my high school boyfriend and my roommate's little brother, Scott.


Hey, there's me and Julie again. And the rest of the Rehoboth series

Yes, it looks as though we hit the booth 3 times during that week of summer vacation.

These ones have an awful backdrop, don't they? They're from Ocean City, Maryland in I'd say in, geez, I don't know, 6th grade? Me and my pal, Janine.

And here, the grand finale:

My mom, little brother and me, circa, um, 1972 or 1973? Love this photo! Although I have no earthly idea where we got it taken. (Mom?)

The photo strip -- on it's way out, no doubt, with all things digital these days. But do know this, if I ever were to win the lottery and throw a big party, there would be a photo booth. And you will be expected to participate.


Pat said...

What a trip down memory lane!

I think that must have been 1973 and we probably taken at Nichol's.

Me, You, or Ellie said...

I can't believe you have all of these, that is so cool! We recently missed the opportunity to participate in a superhero photo booth - how awesome is that?

You look like your middle child in those color ones with Janine.

You've had some serious bang action over the years, girlfriend!

What a fun post...your baby girl looks only slightly less enthusiastic than her photo-booth loving mama!!



photo booths ROCK! from PA said...

holy shit, beth...julie, scott, taggart, janine (!) all on your balck and white strip.

I can't go as far back as you but I love the photo booth photos that I saved from the Ocean City days..AND I was very impressed that I could name everyone without looking :)
(I thought, "is that Kristin's brother Scott in that picture?!?")

*LOVE* this...thanks for sharing!!

Me, You, or Ellie said...

Oh Beth, this is so awesome. I'm so impressed! What a treasure trove of glory you have!

I have a photo booth strip of me and Mistah from like 2 winters ago and I am *totally* proud -- Oh! And I have that one from the strip with a few of my sisters at the Pathmark photo booth when we're laughing so hard you can't recognize anyone.

Love love love.


Mom C said...

Your middle daughter is a miniature Beth! love it. Mom C.

Anonymous said...

Wow! We ere cute;) I think we probably took the bus to the boardwalk for those pics. Surely it was safe for 11 year olds to take a bus to the boardwalk in 1979?! Hey, were you with us when my dad went on the roof of our building to watch the hurricane and all of the dumpsters were blowing around?? My mom was a nervous wreck...

Me, You, or Ellie said...

Yes, it was that trip, Janine. Your mom did put her foot down and insist that none of the kids were allowed up on the roof with him. Good times...


Photo Booth Manchester said...

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