Monday, July 2, 2012

jink wired

I often start the day by checking email, facebook, and words with friends on my phone while laying in bed. It’s a gentle start, and gives me the chance to catch up with my east coast family, prolific communicators who have been up and at it for several hours by the time the suns rises in the west. 

Wait… well, you know what I mean. 

The problem is that it’s hard to reply in earnest on the little phone keyboard, and I *always* have input.  I generally save up all of my feedback for later when I’m at the actual computer and can clickety click my thoughts and hopes and dreams, but if something requires immediate commentary, I use my swype entry touchpad to say my piece. 

Swype is awesome, you just drag your finger sorta kinda close to the trajectory of the letters to form words, and at some point the very smart program anticipates what you’re trying to say and offers word prediction.  It’s great! It’s cool! It’s smart! I go with it. Sometimes I look at my response before sending it and correct any words that were incorrectly predicted, but just as often I assume that it’s all good and just hit send before hurrying along on my merry way to get on with the day.

That’s how I invented the phrase “jink wired” one day while intending to type “I’m weird.” I don’t know where jink came from, what’s a jink? The thing is that the more you use a particular word, the more likely it is to show up as predicted. So now even when I correctly swype “I’m”, which is admittedly rare with all the caps and geographically close similiar looking letters and mid-word punctuation, the phone thinks I must really be trying to say jink.  

Same goes for certain newfangled words that I apparently use a lot, even though it means I would have had to tap out the extra letters more than once to incorrectly spell out what I’m trying to say. This would include “peeeeeee!!!!! “, which is really the only way to spell it when the sentence begins with “OMG I have to….” ; and a few other Coreyism like bastid, wha hoppy, and hosendorks.

When I was in Portland, my girl texted me frequently from her newly gifted phone. She missed me soooooo much, etc.  I answered one of her texts as follows: 

“I miss you too, baby! I bred to charge my phone, almost dead”

 followed immediately by:

She replied, inexplicably:
“Thank you”

And a couple hours later:
“OK and were going the groshury store right now so we will get bread”

“I don’t need bread, honey. I meant to type need.”

“Oh, okay”. 

They got bread. 

I’ve told this story a few times since I got back, I find it side splittingly hilarious, especially trying to imagine my girl telling her dad that I had texted from Portland to say that I need bread.  

She said she still doesn’t get it. 

I should have got her a phone years ago, this is gonna be fun!


Me, You, or Ellie said...

"Wait, what?"

Oh I love that girl of yours Jacquie. *She's* the smart one, who realizes that "bred=need" means you neeeeeed, um, bred. From the groshury store.

And I love Mr. Can's response: if Jacquie texted from Portland that she needs bred, well, let's get the woman some bred.


Love you.

Me, You, or Ellie said...

Oh my, that is so funny.

That girl of yours does NOT want you to be without!

Thank you!


MB said...

Love it! bred=need=let's get momma some bread! xo