Friday, August 15, 2014

Me look pretty one day

I'm not sure what it is about my head, and the hairs upon it, but my girls sure do like to mess with it. Well, at least two out of the three of them do. And sometimes other people's kids too.

When my oldest was a wee lass, I loved it when she wanted to play "hairdresser," as all it involved from me was sitting still on the floor while she tugged and yanked and corralled my tresses into all manner of crazy configurations. Sure, it hurt sometimes, but for the most part it was time off from the myriad duties of mommyhood. Plus she was so into it.

She hasn't changed much. Well, maybe a little. She's now about the same size as me, and her mad hair skillz are definitely more pronounced.

Close up

close up

Plus she has crazy early teen tricks, like sock curls.

You'll be heartbroken to know that I have no idea where the "after" photo is.
Next we have a tried-and-true classic 'do created by my friend Kendra's girl, on none other than Thanksgiving day. (Gratitude for daughters, I tell ya!)

And now for some work from my youngest:

Not bad!

Finally, here we are full circle to my eldest's most  ambitious work

We call this the Who 'do.

Cindy Loo ain't got nothing on me.

Although next time, maybe we should add the flying saucers. #inspiration


Pat said...

That girl is surely destine for a career as hairdresser for th
Love, Mom

Me, You, or Ellie said...

Cindy Loo Who! That one is just pure awesome.

How lucky, to have a mad-skilled hair-do-er on hand, for any occasion.

Pure adorable.