Tuesday, April 29, 2008

The Offer

Okay, well, it’s happened. I guess I knew it would someday, but honestly, I’m surprised it’s so soon. I’m surprised in a good way, but still. It’s not even been two full weeks that the house has been on the market, and we have AN OFFER. Hooray! I think…..

I’m supposed to be excited, right? (It’s April 2008, terrible housing market, national recession, etc.) Well I guess I am, but I also feel shaky, like you do when you’ve not eaten in a long time, or more accurately, like you do when you have two pieces of Godiva chocolate for breakfast and it’s two hours later, your blood sugar has plummeted and your hands resemble an alcoholics’ during his/her first days in Betty Ford.

So which is it, the two pieces of Godiva I ate this morning (compliments of my in-laws for staying at the said house) or the news of THE OFFER? It doesn’t really matter, I guess, I’m still feeling strange, and am now slightly obsessing about THE OFFER.

Where the hell am I going to go? Yes, yes, I’ll have to move. But where? And how? (I have absolutely no upper body strength.) And geez, when am I going to find the *time* to relocate?

It’s a reasonable offer, they did not low ball us too much, and we’re going to counter, so it may all just fall apart anyway, when they get the counter offer. But it may not…..

Change is good, change is growth…..blah, blah, blah…….But, here it is….I DON’T WANT TO GO! It’s my home (and has never been cleaner)! It’s my children’s home! It’s no longer their father’s home -- but hey, the rest of us still live there. He moved out. Voluntarily.

Frighteningly, it’s a High School Musical song that is coming to mind. Are the lyrics from the song “Bet On It” really easing my mind? Oh Jesus, I’m losing it. Obviously. But if Troy can find such fist shaking, golf swinging inspiration from the words, so can I. Right?

I’m blaming the whole thing on Ellie, and Mistah Schleckah too. Why oh why did you do such a good job on the bathroom grout? Why such perfection on the re-painting of the garage and bedroom doors?

So I guess it comes down to this.....is there room in the Westy?


ME (Jacquie) said...

Holy crap, Beth!

(am I the only one who has to always do this word verification numerous times? It irritates the shit out of me)

Me (Jacquie) said...

And by the way, I'll totally help you move. I'm strong like bull. And we'll make our strapping boys help.

Ellie said...

Oh, I like that: Me (Jacquie) and You (Beth).

What can I tell you, Beth? I'm a grouter for the ages. And to quote Mistah Schleckah: "Beth can join us in the Westy anytime she wants." I'm not so sure his intentions are pure...

You (Beth) said...

So is that "Holy crap" in reference to the offer, or the fact that High School Musical tunes are my feel good music?

And are you strong like Bull or strong like Bill?

(I do admit to sometimes having to retype the mumbo jumbo word more than once.)

Me (Jacquie) said...

holy crap to the offer, no judgment on your musical preferences (snicker)

strong like bull the animal (don't you know that coreyism? Ellie, what's the source?)

Ellie said...

Strong Like Bull. What a curious idea, to actually wonder where that came from. I have no earthly. BUT, you MUST say it correctly. With kind of a neanderthal accent.

BOSSY said...

Congratulations! A housing offer is one of the best offers there is.