Tuesday, September 7, 2010


Summer's over, and I'm okay with that. Don't get me wrong, I love summer as much as the next guy, but for me the best parts of summer are nice weather, good friends, and beautiful beaches. Friends and beaches aren't going anywhere, and the weather only gets better from this point on around here. It feels like summer is just getting good, and now it will be eaiser to park!

I understand, however, what this bittersweet long weekend means to certain other people in my household. People who seem to think that I should feel sorry for them because they actually have to be somewhere in the morning for a change. Cry me a freaking river, people. I've been going to work all along. If anyone should feel sorry for a person, it should be THEM for ME because now I have to start packing lunches again. Sigh.

Anyway, it was an interesting weekend full of highs and lows, much like life these days. There's a big part of me that looks forward to the fresh start that a new school year represents. I don't want to wait for New Year's Eve for a shift in universal favor. I'm ready now, good riddance to the shit storm. It's time for better things. I declare a new year.
Better things kicked off with a great Labor Day at the beach on with the rock star brigade. Please enjoy some photos while I go pack those damn lunches. Happy New Year, everyone!

Hey! Here's that joyful jumping I've been reading about:

Ruh roh:

The crew in front of Autumn's RV, which she singlehandedly wrassled into that coveted ocean front parking space at 4am!

I met these women exactly seven years ago when we dropped our kiddos off for their first day of Kindergarten.

They're somehow starting sixth grade today! Holy Puberty, Batman.


There's a gravedigger joke in here somewhere:

Meanwhile, the girls built themselves a dry (ish) jacuzzi:
Can you imagine hanging out with your back like this:

Guess she had other things to distract her. She's nervous about who she'll sit next to in 4th grade. Of course, the social strata for the entire year is determined in those first few minutes of the school day.

She'll do just fine, and it must be comforting to know that no matter how the cards fall on the first day of school, she's got a gang of rock stars ready to ring in the gorgeous San Diego weekends with her!

Even on a bad hair day.


Me, You, or Ellie said...

What adorableness, Jacquie. Look at your little fella in Mrs. Schwabbie's class! They're both so giant now. And brown. And blond. And covered with sand.

And I do feel sorry for you. Terribly! Except for the opportunity for better parking now that the riff-raff's gone away.

Lovely, sistah.

Me, You, or Ellie said...

Summer, what summer?? It was too fast and too cold, but I'm on board for toasting to a New Year! Happy last 5/12 of 2010!! Cheers.

And wow -- sixth grade! There is no way it was 7(!!) years ago that your boy was in kindergarten. That does just not seem possible. From Ms Shwab's yoga at circle time to Old Spice and the like -- yikes!