Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Mario the magnificent

My mom has relocated to San Diego. (Yay for me! Yay for my kids!) We are thrilled to have her in town, and so far, she also seems happy with her decision to move west. The move has not been without it's hijinks and hurdles, however. There have been myriad nuisances along the way, but, she is now getting settled.

The cute little craftsman she purchased is coming along. The boxes are being emptied one by one, and she's making changes to the house to make it hers. Helping with the changes is Mario the magnificent. My mom found Mario through the neighborhood grapevine, which thickly grows in the coffee shop just a few doors down from hers.

Mario is the go-to man for many a Mission Hills household. My mom heard glowing reviews, and hired ol' Mario for herself. She has been very pleased with his work. He is industrious and reliable and ready to tackle whatever project needs tackling, from hoisting things up into the attic, to painting the entire interior of the house. But not only is Mario a work horse, he is also kind and courteous.....

Mario was in need of a ladder while painting the bathroom, I think it was, so he asked my mom where he could find it. She did not move her ladder across country. There was no ladder. But, low and behold, right out that very bathroom window lay a ladder against the side of the neighbor's house.

"There you go, Mario!" chirped my mother. But no, no, this did not feel right to Mario. Who was he (or she) to borrow the ladder from the virtually unknown neighbors? My mom assured him it would be alright. They would only borrow it for an hour or so, and leave it right back where they found it. She would thank them and let them know they had borrowed it. What are neighbors for anyway, right?

But, no, still not okay with Mario. He remained quiet, thinking about the situation. Then, after a few minutes....viola, he had the answer.

"Wait here," he told my mother. "I will be back very soon with a ladder."

True to his word, he returned shortly with a ladder. Good show, Mario!

But a bit later, when my mom was suggesting what they could work on the following day, Mario shared the news that he would not be able to come tomorrow after all.

"Why not, Mario? I thought you were free."

"Well, yes, yes, I was, but when I went to down the street to Mrs. insert-name-here's house to borrow the ladder, she would not let me take it unless I vowed to come to her house tomorrow. No work tomorrow, no ladder."


Pat said...

Oh, captured this so well...and the culture of San Diego! Everyone I have come in contact with here has been friendly and helpful and industrious (except at the DMV--quite the opposite). The guy fixing my foundation came back this morning for the third time to make sure everything was just right!
So glad to be here,
Love, Mom

Me, You, or Ellie said...

Ha, that's awesome! I have a ladder you can borrow, but I might also steal Mario. Looking forward to seeing you soon, Pat!


Me, You, or Ellie said...

Oh I love Mario. What a lovely Mario.

But I love Pat too. And I love that Pat is with you. How exciting! How wonderful! Congrats to you all.


Sue said...

What a great story! I'm glad Pat is settling in, finally, and establishing a new network. She is my role model! Sue