Tuesday, September 18, 2012


No, the title does not refer to a yummy rum drink, although that would be fun.

Instead it's the fancy nancy pronunciation of rummage -- "rum-Mahge," you know, like Target's French pronunciation - Tarjet.

We know that Jacquie loathes rummage sales, even though she scored amazing purple roller skates and the best panini maker this side of the Rockies at the last one she attended.

I do not see eye to eye on Jacquie on this one. Nope. I love me some rummage sales. Yes, you may need to wash your hands in scalding hot water after the fact, but the loot to be had is too amazing to pass up.

So when I saw the sign at a local church for a children's rummage sale, well, you can be sure I was there bright and early.

And just lookie what I got for $20:

4 pairs of shoes, a lunch box and a cool wood pull toy.

8 cute shirts

C'mon, that's c.u.t.e.

and a toddler bikini and skinny jeans!
What can I say, simple girl, simple pleasures.


Me, You, or Ellie said...

What an awesome haul! You should become a Personal Rummage Sale Shopper for the likes of Jacquie and me and all of us who mightily fear The Rummage Sale. I think it's a career choice that could take you places. Like to people's garages, church basements, rec centers.....


Me, You, or Ellie said...

I've got a garage with your name all over it. Good haul! Ms C rocked that bikini at the beach Sunday :)