Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Sunday drive

We San Diegans feel very heroic whenever we survive a weather event. We are brave and level headed, even when it rains.

It's one thing to be safely ensconced in your home or workplace when our blue skies turn grey, that's fun and campy and calls for a collective cheer of Let's Wear Boots and Make Soup! That's fun, but it's not brave. What's brave is going out to drive on a rainy SoCal day.

This past Sunday, I was called upon to take a drive.  It started out, as most sojourns from my home tend to do, with a stadium drive-by.

I was thankful that it wasn't a home game Sunday

Unlike most sojourns from my home, this one was eastbound.

It was grey, grey, grey. It was also gray.

A study in gray.
I took a million pictures out the windows at things that looked really interesting to me, things that were fascinating and held promise for anecdotes and tales and whatnot. Of course, I didn't look at what I was photographing, I kept my eyes on the road and one hand on the wheel and pointed my camera at the cool things.

The cool, grey, boring and monotonous things.
It's fun to imagine what I thought these photos would reveal. Some I can figure out

Clearing and cloud-bound as I rose in elevation

brighter sky up there? Changing landscape?
Others I'm just taking a stab
mountain? cloud? grey sky?

I think I was definitely referencing the changing landscape. Probably.

Ooooh, that's cool.


Windy mountain road, but I was being too careful to take photos on the windy bits

At any rate, after an hour I was clearly comin' 'round the mountain.

to Julian!
I drove right through town, for that was not my destination! I had more changing landscapes to traverse and document

Until I reached my destination
And fetched myself some girl scouts.

And went right back into Julian for sustenance

And a burst of color to bust us out of the grey day. gray dey.

I had accomplished my mission and after encouraging them to sufficiently gorge on pie and confections, we headed out of town. We did not, however, follow the same winding mountain road. 

We followed this winding mountain road
We headed out of the gray and into the green!

to be continued


Me, You, or Ellie said...

I *love* the contrast of all the grey clouds and sky with the über-bright colors of the candy.

And I love your girl. And her sweatshirt. I cannot take my eyeballs off of her fabulous face. She lives really really really far away from me. As do you.

Love Julian! Love those windy roads. The Westy loved them slightly less so.

Nice one, sistah!

MB said...

I'm so glad I saw NONE of that rain/grayness during my September San Diego sojourn of perfect weather! Your girl has an awesome head of hair. xo

Beth said...

Ooh, that one IS cool. That shot is so Mistah-esque. Very impressive, J, as are the candy shots.

And I agree with MB - your girl has an awesome head of hair, and like Ellie, I really, really like her sweatshirt.

And now you can check "fall trip to Julian" off of your to do list ;)


mom c said...

Love it Jacquie, but bring back the sunshine for my visit - k? Can't wait to see you and Bill and that girl and her brother. love, mom