Thursday, January 15, 2015

stick with the stick

You will kindly remember that our great neighbor/friends have a delightful habit of throwing a perfectly sized, perfectly planned, perfectly perfect party to ring in each new year. I've told you about it, remember? It's the best ever because it's all of our favorite people and all of our kids have grown up together and no one is allowed to drive home and we have boozy breakfast the next day. 

In 2011, we all brought a martini to share, and got loaded. 
In 2012 , we put everything on a stick, and got loaded. 
In 2013, we wrapped and rolled, and got loaded. 

In 2014, our hosts very rudely went on vacation, and we went to the movies. 

They promised never to do that again, and we were thrilled to learn that the theme for 2015 would bring us back to our best year ever: the sticks. And mules. The fun!

The first time we did sticks, each of us brought enough food to feed the entire party. This time we all said we were going to try to cut back, but we lied. I love choosing party food, and when you throw in a hardware requirement, I'm over the moon. 

Being a famously intermittent documentarian, I only took photos of one of my creations in the making. Dessert: 

Strawberry s'mores. c'mon. 
But the full spread reveals more.

Actually, this is not the full spread at all. I think only 3 of us had arrived when we filled the table with this:
I did the grilled shrimp cocktail on the bottom, and the curried butternut squash with insanely delicious yogurt dipping sauce that is on the green platter

Tanja made the mules in this adorably awesome labeled glassware

Ain't no Jackie here, folks. it's okay kids, it's not like you've known me your whole LIVES or anything. 
December 31 was a wintery, freezing night in San Diego. Eric outdid himself by bringing actual *snow* to the backyard where the kids could sled down a little rampy thing. It is not pictured. What is pictured, though, quite prolifically, is this: 

The ice luge

Full of jaeger, because we're still in college

I opted for fireball, natch

This blurry photo perfectly captures the feeling of taking an ice luge shot
Meanwhile, back at the ranch:

Oh, who are we trying to kid with this wholesome loving scene?

Hi Beth!



Hi Beckles!
What a night. What a day. What a world. Happy 2015!


MB said...

Love the fireball luge shots!! What a fun celebration, and now I'm starving. xo

Me, You, or Ellie said...

I *love* that your girls are all gigantic and grown and gorgeous and mini-me's. Er, mini-you's. *And* that there is an even *younger* generation of girls, thanks to Des and Beth.

What a ride y'all are having! So many years and years now. I am full of love and veklemptatude.

I love you people. I love your spirit and your sass and your impressive drinking legs. Especially when an icy luge is involved.


jacquie said...

I know, it's all so great and lovely. Those couch photos just slay me! The luge was... cold. And messier than it looked like it should have been.


Me, You, or Ellie said...

Mistah and I both keep staring at all the faces of all the peeps on the couch. And elsewhere.

Just so very deeply awesome.