Wednesday, January 21, 2015

But, oysters.

I had the most fantastic view of the water on Monday, during our annual boozy luncheon in honor of The Good Reverend Doctor.

I know, I know. Other people celebrate MLK Day by giving service. Our personal freedom train brings us straight to receiving service.

Does that make us bad people? Possibly.

But, oysters.

And, after entrees we neglected to photograph, lefties.

And, most importantly, Dawnie Jr!

Oh, and we neglected to photograph the most fantastic view of the water I had, as well . . .

 But, no worries.

Mistah took care of all of that for us after our luncheon last year.

 It still looks the same . . .

 . . . it's still beautiful . . .

 . . . oooh, super cool!

I still love luncheon.


Dawnie said...

The last thing you can be called is "bad people". And you discovered Dawnie Jr. That makes you even better people. xoxo

Beth said...

Totally Dawnie Jr! Are they really NOT related?!

Gorgeous luncheon and vistas. You almost make winter in New England look like a good thing.

Love you and your receiving-service holiday.


mom said...

um. Beth, winter in New England is not a good thing, believe me. Winter in San Diego? now that's a good thing.
yummy post Ellie......xoxo mom

jacquie said...

So beautiful and grand. Even though oysters are vile.

Happy belated good reverand doctah day!