Friday, July 10, 2015


Yesterday,  a very supportive group of friends accompanied my girl on the mission that she had chosen in which to spend her birthday money

Aunt Aline is very supportive
After the required paperwork and identification were procured,

We were handed a card as an introduction to our practitioner

Hi Luis!
We all marched back to Luis's procedure room and met the man himself

We love Luis.
Part body artist, part surfer, part zen master, Luis took his time talking to my girl about permanent decisions, body care, pain management, and trust.

Beth's girl was on hand as needed for extra support
And then it began:
she was washed and prepped

assumed the position

listened to more relaxation and trust encouragment

and finally, pierced

where'd that winning smile go?

there it is

She looks unconscious, but I swear she's not. I just like this photo of Luis. Talking while he mops up the blood.

Looks great, baby girl!

Thanks, Luis
We said goodbye, but then another person pictured here decided to hop on the table...


Me, You, or Ellie said...

Luis! I love him! "Talking while he mops up the blood."

And I love your girl's posse of love, especially Ms. A., with her phone camera and hand-holding.

Wow, man. 14! And fierce.

I'm guessing. Aline. Or Beth? Or Ms. Boogsie's other ear? :)



BreezieGirl said...

I love Apogee! Job well done to the support team and Luis and congrats to your girl!

Beth said...

LUIS!! He was a trip. But he definitely grew on me. He may well have the best business card in all of history.

Good times. And damn, your girl was brave.