Friday, December 4, 2015

there's sky in this one, too

Remember Thanksgiving? I think it was about 90 days ago. It's been a long damn week! We took a road trip over the holiday for both pleasure and family business. And turkey.

It was a whirlwind, and also a bit of a shit storm.
A whirlwind in a shitstorm sounds awful.
Wouldn't you love to have shitwind blowing your hair back?

first night pit stop in Pismo/Shell Beach

golden girl in the golden hour

my reaction to having my selfie privileges revoked

I suppose she had a point

nailed it.

nigh-night, Shell Beach

"what the hell is that thing?"  Ohhhh *I* know what that thing is (I can hear you saying it out loud, Ellie)

what the hell is THAT thing?

Ah, it's a goober

This is the lot next to our hotel. The first two windows you see on the left are our bathroom and bedroom windows. That slab you see had been a building right up until they tore it down. At 7am. 
I shit you not. Here are the photos from  my yelp review:
Thank God the window screens were there to protect us from the demolition.

Later that day, however, we arrived in lovely Saratoga.

Trees! Sky!

Girl! Dog! Sky!

my husband with his girlfriend
We had a rare and somewhat unnerving night with his childhood home all to ourselves. That never happens!

We also had chinese food
The next night, we waited impatiently for cousins and siblings and in-laws to arrive. We passed the time playing games

dog scrabble

find a flea yahtzee

Yes Five!
They finally arrived. I didn't take pictures of many humans.

but look! dog cousins! they had an intense love/hate relationship. mostly hate. 

I gave Clara her special Thanksgiving dinner. Yum!

Ahhh, there's the stuff!

neighborhood picked bouquet. grocery bought cupcake/rolls
Then we retired to the den for more games

puzzles with a cinnamon kick

Hey, humans! and mules
Not pictured: 3 hour prep/3 second play of balderdash, hours and hours of Heads Up!

The worst thing about Thanksgiving away is that you don't get the leftovers. But we remedied that as soon as we got home with a very special Monday night dinner:

The end. 


Me, You, or Ellie said...

Shitwind! That really does sound awful.

But Shell beach, and Chinese food, and dog scrabble, and puzzles with a cinnamon kick all sound good. Ok, maybe not the cinnamon kick. (I'm super impressed you're already back on that train!)

Dinner looked goooood, those flowers really are sometime! And yay for your happy ending of not leftie lefties.

Look forward to hearing more details....


Me, You, or Ellie said...

AND something! ;)

Me, You, or Ellie said...

What the hell is that thing?

How luscious and delicious! Well, except for the demolition: that looks neither luscious nor delicious.

Your children are gorgeous. And your doggie looks very fierce. And your non-lefty lefties? Spectacular. It must have taken hours to get those carrots all the exact square size.

Happy post-Thanksgiving! Love you, sistah.


mom said...

Love this Jacquie, feel like I had a nice visit with you and your family, and Moki, of course. Thanksgiving table is beautiful, well done...
love, mom