Monday, May 1, 2017

A Week For The Ages

It all started with our surprise trip to Boston . . .

. . . to visit this nugget.

Look at this kid. It had been nine years since we've laid eyeballs on eachother and our visit was just as spectacular as you would think and hope.

Plus? Calamari.

And seafood looie. Coolie? Something.

And sea bass forgodsake.

The lovely Dana joyfully joined us . . .

. . . and man what a place.

It was a great day.

Field Interlude.

The beach!

We went to Weekapaug on Friday because it was a beautiful day, and because we could.

The Atlantic Ocean, baby.

I was trying to drink beer and eat grinders and eat potato chips and Mistah was snapping away at will so I could never smile because, well, who wants to see a smile full of grinder? Nobody, that's who.
You're welcome.

It was a great day.

Field Interlude.

Oh wait! Ledgie Interlude.

And then? To cap it all off? Mom's book club came to me -- all the way to the Whaling City -- for a meeting of the minds. Look at these women!

The Cronin women. In Da House.

It was a great day.

Trees Interlude.

It was a great week, one I dare say, for the ages.


mom said...

I loved being part of your great week...Book Club was fabulous...
love, mom

Beth said...

I too very much loved being part of your great week! Next time I'm going to come 'all the way to the Whaling City' to check you out there. Really, it was so, so lovely to see you and Mistah. (Who I called Bill the whole time.)

Glad you got some beach-worthy weather later in the week. Plus grinders and beer and chips. AND the book club!


Me, You, or Ellie said...

*Two* book clubs, actually! Wish I'd snapped a shot with my lovelies on Thursday night, too ...