Monday, May 29, 2017


Happy Memorial Day!

Here's how we've been celebrating the weekend . . .

. . . with food.

As you'd guess.

But look. Can you believe we got these Texas skewers for our wedding one million years ago? A bronco and a saguaro and hook-'em-horns and a sheriff star and a cowboy boot?

How prescient and delightful that mysterious wedding guest was.

But yes. Food.

The Mistah is the Mastah of the Burgah.

And then the rest of the weekend? This very holiday weekend?  One million tasks and Field Work and I rinsed every flower pot on the Planet of the Earth . . .

. . . every last one.

And we planted one million plants and weeded one million weeds and raked up one million tons of all the things.

. . . and celebrated. Oh, how we love to celebrate.

Happy Summer, my people . . . 

. . . Happy Memorial Day . . .

. . . Rainy 2017 Style


mom said...

the field is looking beautiful Ellie and Bill....guess all this dumb rain is helping.
one of these days it will be sunny and warm, right????

Beth said...

Dumb rain indeed. It keeps raining here too. Strange days.

But your memorial-day weekend days, well they look lovely, and busy, and filling.