Friday, July 14, 2017

40 is too many photos for one post, so here's 41.

It's already been a month since mom came to visit! What a time we had. We had laughter and tears and fun and a fall, sun and shade and the sea and fish tacos. There was a graduation, a premature birthday celebration, baseball and beef and guests and gliders. We covered every imaginable one of the bases. I miss that woman. I wish we could at least halve the distance between us to make our times together more frequent. Being so far apart does sweeten the times we do have, though. Sigh. Oh, did you want to see some photos? K.

Straight from the airport to the first of many buckets of love

Triumphant arrival at the Yellow House

We stopped by Beth's that first night, look how excited our girls were!

After an uneventful Monday (*coughBULLSHITcough*), we had a restorative cocktail

then we got our selfie on before ubering downtown

to the padre game!

where we enjoyed civilized waitron service in our righteous seats, and  righteous padre win

On Tuesdays, we taco. Clara was at school/not invited

Da Grad and his Grammy

tagging the fridge. It's still there
Our ride for the nontraditional commencement

It was windy and warm out there on the bay. A highlight for sure

Crossing under

again with the selfies

the tour guide said we had to 

Prepared for all climates 

Did I mention windy?

Battleship Backdrop

Obligatory back under  bridge baby

Lovely San Diego


this guy

wait, I've been doing it wrong all these years?! warning sign in the head

Making it official

Congratulations, James!

Let's celebrate with some meat

my lovelies
Meg came for dinner, and we drank wine at10 til 10. I swear she was smiling at all the other times.

Obligatory old town patio dinner, yum.

I included this one too so you could see my impressively large plate of food


recovering from the fatal embarrassment at the mariachi serenade

After a well timed drive through the streets of La Jolla, we made our way up to the glider port at Torrey Pines

It was gorgeous up there

so many gliders! 

I sent Mom this photo of her granddog while she was at church

On mom's last night, we finally made it to the ocean for sunset

best squad selfie ever

all my faves

this butterfly stalked us all week while we sat out back watching the planes fly overhead

And then just like that, mom boarded one and flew away from me

I love you mommy! Come back. 


Me, You, or Ellie said...

*Sniff*. I love this. That Mom of ours. She's the best, isn't she? We lucked out in letting her be the one who delivered us.

Every photo is perfect and 40 would have been *way* too few.

As I was writing this Mom called me! Her face popped up in my screen just as I was saying how awesome she is! Now *that* is some magic juju going on right there.

Love you. *And * your mom.

Great blog.

mom said...

Love so much Jacquie, it was such a wonderful week. We ate and drank and played and read and walked and watched golf (me). I loved spending special time with you and those two kids of yours, they are great kids, can't wait to see them again...
I miss you all....
love, mom

Beth said...

Hmm, I read this on Friday, but apparently my comments did not stick, or I did not write any, or something....but great post, J, minus the lack of photos.

I loved seeing your mom while she was in SD, even though it was brief and unadventurous. How lovely that she made it out to help celebrate James' graduation.