Monday, July 17, 2017

Scenes From A Summer . . .

We are *in* it, people. We are in the deep depths of July.


It arrives slowly and leaves quickly and around these parts, we make it our business to deeply enjoy every second.

Ocean Beach?

 Oh yes.

Rum and Pineapples?

Why not?

Plus we make it our business to look good drinking them.

(The shadows are my favorite part. Mistah's straw on his face especially)

The full moon last weekend?

Yes, we basked in it . . .

And the firecrackers! Sailfest, baby.

Oooh, look! Drinks!

Yum, drinks.

With our favorite Friday night girl . . .

. . . and this is my forearm.

More best things about deep summer?

The Fleurs.

Thanks, Renee.

And a spectacular visit with the July Birthday Girl.

I think we can all agree that turning 92 makes Aunt Lill fully legit.

And my espectacular Mom?

Bonus visit.

She tried to drive away yesterday morning unobtrusively . . . but there's no such thing as unobtrusive around here . . .

"Bye, Mom!"

"Miss you already!"

So, yeah. That's why we had to drown our sorrows . . .

. . .  thankfully, we had a pineapple on hand. And his friend Ronnie B.

Just utter yum.

But the best part of the deep depths of July?

Harvest Time, baby.

"Why, Mistah! Is that a zucchini you grew? Or etc. etc. etc.?"

And my harvesting?

Bring on the wada.


Beth said...

yum, yum, yum, yum -- uttering away here in SD.

That is quite the zucchini, Mistah! And whata wada, E. So, so much good July-ness going on in New London.

And, let's not forget, happy birthday to Aunt Lill!


Jacquie said...

Oh, what an exciting harvest! I took my dogs on a different route around the 'hood a few days ago and came across an amazing front yard grapevine!! I wish I had found it when the leaves were still green, our season is earlier out here.

love your summer love!



mom said...

such a great summer blog, all the good things...I cherish our visits...
love, mom