Monday, May 14, 2018


So many things this weekend!

My Mom was off celebrating my nephew Joe's college graduation. So we improvised. For Mom and for Joe.

We had our own college graduate . . . 

Congrats, Zoƫ!

Now get out there in the world and knock 'em dead. 
 (Metaphorically speaking.)

And we had our own Mumsie . . .

The world's newest iphone user.

We didn't have this birthday girl . . .

 See you in a few weeks, bride-to-be!

. . . but we had our own birthday boy . . .

The belt. The guns. The smile. I die.

If you had half as much fun improvising as we did around here, then we're both lucky.

Happy Improvision!

1 comment:

Jacquie said...

I love all of this so deeply, I cannot even. I swear that I commented earlier in the week, but based on my current track record (ie: recycling your post on flashback friday), one can never know. It's been a weird week.

I love you deeply, sister. Can't wait to see you in TWO WEEKS.