Friday, June 15, 2018

asheville outtakes

I think I did this after Julie's wedding, too. Who needs perfectly polished professional level photos when you've got self indulgent weirdness happening right there in your own phone? 

Here are my faves from the hodge podge:

First gathering! Thursday evening happy hour on the deck of mom's yurt*. My own yurt is visible right next door, upstairs (sorry, Jane)

Yurt village

We traversed over river and dale to the pool

Please zoom. My neighbor on the other side of mom is naked in this photo. 

There's my girl on my deck as seen from Ellie's deck!

I don't know what is happening here, but I like it. 

It's cold now. 

What time is the safari? 

The 17 year olds, our babies. 

The Big Day! All dolled up and pouring a toast on Ellie's deck before heading to the venue

I got to visit the bridal suite!

Love my pinky twin and the world's best MOB

My faves

Love this one. Look at Erin eyeballing me


Mom and  Julie watching Erin give her toast

Post toast sister huggies

and finally, this. blurry, silly, confusing, and perfect. 


Me, You, or Ellie said...

Blurry, silly, confusing and perfect is right.

Ohmygod, Jacquie. I *love* these! I love the behind-the-scenes, "self indulgent weirdness happening right there in your own phone". These are awesome!

And for the record, I was *not* naked. Totally not. Completely not fully.

I really miss you and the peeps and the yurts.

Hey, wait, speaking of yurts, is there an unexplained asterisk? There is! I'm *so* curious.

You look *gorgeous* sister. That photo of you and the MOB? Look. Atch. Yaselves. Yeesh, man.

Take me back to Asheville. Please.


Jacquie said...

lol i always forget to complete the asterisk message! I was just going to point out that I am aware that those are not yurts.

Carry on!