Monday, September 24, 2018


I know I post a lot of photos of the beach.

But here's the thing.

Summer lasts 12 seconds, and winter lasts 11 months.

So we take summer by the horns, and we go with it.

And yesterday was one of those days that summertime gives, like a gift from the goddesses, when everything is gorgeous and perfect. The water was like glass and the clouds were mesmerizing, and the ferries were lit up like rock stars and the peeps were perfect.

The peeps were perfect. That's the main thing.

Who, us?

Yeah. Perfect.

The beach was perfect.

The boats were perfect.

The ferries were perfect.

Ledgie was perfect.

And did I mention the peeps? Although they shall remain invisible for today's purposes, they were perfect.

Even Mr. Dibble.

And Jelly-Roll?

Yeah . . .

. . . perfect.


Central PA said...

Good grief, all that salt water and fresh air made Jelly Roll grow!! (either that or we are all getting older)

Gail Watrous said...

So great to visit with you and “Mista” at the party Sunday— they just get better and better, n’est pas?