Monday, October 1, 2018

To Eat and To Drink

Aren't weddings the best?

Aren't they the most magical, joyful, optimistic displays of what is best in humans?

I think they are. I love weddings.

Plus? Well, there's the whole getting dressed up thing.

 Obligatory bathroom selfie before the Big Event.

Wait, is an obligatory bathroom selfie a thing?

Well, it's a thing now.

And the whole wedding dancing thing. I love the dancing thing.

And, well, the whole wedding eating and drinking thing.

I love the eating and drinking thing.

Yum, drinking.

And yum, eating.

And whose wedding, one might ask?

 These two lovelies.

And why these cellphone photos, one might ask?

Well, Mistah forgot more than just his belt.

But man, was it a lovely day.

Congrats, Gracie and Matt. Eat and Drink in good health and marital bliss.

And thanks for the enchanting night.


mom said...

You both look great, the Bride and Groom do too! It was a beautiful day yesterday after days and days of rain...hooray.....xoxoo

Elizabeth Fente said...

Ellie, you are the cutest!! You are all about reminding us what is GOOD in the world and good about humans (during a time when I'm struggling to remember either!!!). Thank you. Sending a big hug. xoxoxo