Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Cold busted

Life with kids and pets can be messy. There are endless hairballs, and spills, and sticky spots, and toothpaste-stained sinks.

Like most mothers, I try to minimize the mess. We have certain house rules that work to mitigate the damage, like no eating in the living room, or really in any room other than the kitchen, unless you have express permission to do so.

So, when I saw this red stain on the sofa this morning, I was a bit miffed.

My first reaction was that it was my husband (gasp) because the girls really are quite good about not eating in the living room, but he vehemently denied it.

So I called in the girls.

"Ahem, what's this girls?" I asked firmly while pointing to the couch.

This was quickly answered with, "It wasn't me!" "It wasn't me!"
"Well it had to be somebody."
Just then, Anneke looked at her step dad and said, "Hey T, what's that on your shirt?"

"You're cold busted!"


Me, You, or Ellie said...

As *if* he could get away with anything in a house full of perceptive, sharp, highly discerning girls. Well done.

And, um, what *is* that red stain, anyway?


tired in PA said...

what IS that?! Was he doing his nails??

Pat said...

wow... caught cold and also in denial! What was the lesson in that?

Anonymous said...

Cherry popsicle

Me, You, or Ellie said...

That's hilarious, love that Tommy outed himself on his shirt, presumably doing "the turn and wipe your sticky face on your shoulder" maneuver.


nancy drew in PA said...

and that he confessed to it right her, Mr Anonymous :)