Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Marshall and Debbie

These are our friends Marshall and Debbie:

We met them years ago, camping near eachother at a state park in Florida, and we immediately became fast friends. Maybe it was because we all enthusiastically partook in the bottles of wine that appeared? Maybe it was because none of us were senior citizens? Maybe it was because we were all cool and had a great time? Who knows? We've been pals ever since.

Marshall and Debbie moved to St. Augustine from Key West several years ago, and they work at this bar.

Cool, isn't it?

We hightailed it right to that bar the moment we arrived in St. Augustine, and there they were, our long-lost lovely friends, right where we left them.

We met some of their lovely friends, too.

We stayed for sunset . . .

. . . and admired that iconic St. Augustine lighthouse in the distance.

One good thing about states where you can still smoke in the bars?

Mistah can get shots like these . . .

Anyway, we made our way back to their house . . .

. . . and had a dance party.

Of course we did.

And we cooked dinner. Both nights. These guys like to cook dinner as much as we I do. We combined our resources . . .

. . . and in the course of prepping, chopping and sauteing wildly . . .

. . . and looking good doing it . . .

. . . really, spectacularly good . . .

. . . we made a kick-ass dinner. Two kick-ass dinners.

Debbie and Marshall have a cat that's a crack cucumber addict and they both spend a lot of time feeding the kitty her junk.

Mistah Schleckah, our intrepid photographer, dazzled us all with his layered look.

Marshall was especially impressed. But Mistah called Marshall his guru, so I guess they're even.

And then? Before we knew it? We had to say goodbye. Marshall and Debbie were off to work, back to the bar where it all started.

I never once changed my clothes in the 3 days we were there so actually, in my mind, I never left the place where we all started . . .

Marshall and Debbie. Our grand and glorious friends.

We miss you guys.


The Rivergods said...

Ellie, your infectious joy and spirit elicited the following spontaneous poem this morning... cheers. -Ben

'Twilight Highway'

On the twilight highway
Vanagon again
Off to tomorrow's party

Meet a new friend
Smile at the similarity
Toast the open road
And its few followers

The great sun
Always returns
Smoke and laughter
Forever follow us

On the open road
With you, without fear
We hope to meet
Some fresh faces –
And always do

So let's raise the glass
We're living the dream
We may not know tomorrow's road
But if this be our last
We've worn our wheels well

Me, You, or Ellie said...

Ben! You're incredible! What a gift -- thank you so much.

And I simply cannot wait to hear this poem sung by Nancy at the next Rivergods show!

You're awesome.

Me, You, or Ellie said...

That looks like an awesomely fun visit! Love that pretty bar. How far along in the six weeks are we now? Great tales, great (abundant) photos, and such happy peeps!



Me, You, or Ellie said...

Even though I coughed the whole time, I really enjoyed those swirling, smokey photos:-) Too cool.

And now I have two, okay, three more reasons to visit St. Augustine: Marshall, Debbie, and that bar.

What fun you guys had!!


Captain Dumbass said...

Last time I had a vacation anywhere that lovely I had no kids and no mortgage. That will probably hold true for my next vacation to somewhere that lovely.