Saturday, April 17, 2010

weekend 3-way: Happy Crappy

Hey! It’s been ages since we’ve done that last minute scramble to find something interesting to post about wicked cool thing where we tell about the HIGH and the LOW point in our last 24 hours! My little family has taken to calling this phenomenon: Happy/Crappy.

So tell me, in the 24 hours preceding the moment when you set your eyes upon this prompt, what has been your Happy and your Crappy?


Happy: I had a fantastic dinner date on Friday night with my boy. His sister was at a birthday party and Dad was semi-conscious in front of the Padre game, so my boy and I stole away for a few of our favorite things: salmon nigiri and spicy tuna. It was a nice night, we got a great table outside, and we just sat and yakked and ate and I got to stare into his gorgeous blue eyeballs the whole time. Lovely.

Crappy: Then I came home to read my e-mail and found that my work peeps had summarily disagreed with an idea I had offered up, which would make all the world easier and smoother and better. And now I know that I have to take the complicated road, which they are all going to like even less. Job-suck alert.

I refuse to call my beloved High Point Low Point Happy Crappy. Flat out refuse. But I will tell you this: in the paper last week -- I think maybe the Hartford Courant? -- the editors deconstructed the days of the golfers at the Masters with high light, low light and side light. Cool, huh?


High Point:
I was tiyed yesterday, after a late night on Thursday. I had a perfectly fine day, though, and an absolutely lovely evening with the Mistah and our friends Michael and Elizabeth at the local wine tasting -- with free pizza, I might add -- and at our beloved Tavern. I gotta say, though, when I drove us home, and got in my bed, I let out a contented, long, down-to-my-toes sigh. Ahhhh.....

Low Point:
I hate to complain about the weather. And I hate when other people complain about the weather, especially when it's April and we've had 2 solid weeks of incredibly beautiful days. Which, yes, followed the Storm of the Millennium, but still -- it's been awesome. Today, though, is cold and rainy and very April-like. Which is fine, since it is April, but my two agenda items of the day -- going on a bike ride and painting those front steps -- have to be put on hold. Again.

I think I just said my high point was going to sleep and my low point was waking up . . .

Refuse? I think it's genius! Happy/Crappy, I love it!

Happy: Well, I had a happy time this morning at yoga, it was a very challenging class, my first with the torture master, Jo, since going back after having Capri. And I not only did I survive, but did pretty well. Yeah for me. We also had a very comical dinner last night. It seems kind-of awful now, but we were in stiches over the names we were coming up with for a classmate of Anneke's, who T seems to think has an unsually large head. We went through all manner of big-headed names, all in Spanish, of course, but then settled on the very un-inspired, cabeza gigante. I guess you had to be there....

Crappy: I guess it's the fact that my boss returned to the office yesterday late moring. I mean, I'm glad he's back safe, but it sure is nice to have a week without the boss around (sorry, Jacquie!). It's not that I didn't do a good job while he was gone, because of course I did, but it's just nice to know you're not going to get handed any new projects or bothersome tasks. You can just concentrate on your very own work.


looking for some sun in PA said...

Happy/High: saw friends from CT who were briefly in town.
Crappy/Low: I know Ellie doesn't like weather complaints, but I'm REALLY not looking forward to sitting through a youth soccer game in today's blustery weather.

Anonymous said...

Happy: Found out we will be having a wonderful house guest soon.

Crappy: I'm with ya on the cold weather. CRAPPY bigtime.