Monday, April 5, 2010

Monday moaning: clothesline

Two things.

First, why do clothing manufacturers think there are no 9 year olds? It astounds me. My 8.5 year old is my oldest, so maybe parents of older children already know some work around for this phenomena, but for me, the secret of the no-size-9 is completely puzzling.

I cannot find a swim suit to fit my daughter.

Admittedly, I shop for girls swimsuits primarily at Target, but this is not a Target-only issue. I’ve shopped Old Navy and other stores online and it just does not exist. You’ve got your 7-8s and your 10 -12s, or sometimes the gap is narrowed, and you’ve got your 7-8s and your 10-11s. But where the hell is the size 9?????

I know the 7-8 is too small -- her cute little booty hangs right out. But the 10-12 leaves big gaps everywhere it shouldn’t. Is my job really to decide between the obscenely too small and the obscenely too big?

Where is the 9 year old love?

Second thing. Why, when you by a new pair of jeans, do they put the size sticker (you know, the clear one with the size repeated 8 times vertically) down the middle of the back of the leg? Yes, they are helpful when you are shopping, if they happen to be displayed horizontally, on a shelved rack, but they rarely are. If they’re not, if they’re displayed on the usual circular rack, the transparent sticker is completely unnecessary overkill. You’ve already looked at the top of the jeans that clearly advertise the size and price tag, you have no use for the back-leg sticker.

So little use, in fact. that you often even forget it’s even there. Case in point, I wore some new jeans to work a few weeks ago. I arrived about 7:45 am, and jetted out about 1:00 pm for some lunch. I ordered ahead, like always, and when picking up the order in the express line, I had some kind soul tap me on the shoulder to tell me the (god damn) back-leg vertical size sticker was still affixed to the pant leg of my jeans. (Yes, I'd only been at work for 5 hours!). Not only that, as embarrassing as it was, but I’d bought three new pair of jeans that shopping trip, with each displaying a different size, in increasing size order. Doesn’t it just figure that the biggest of that number was the one I was unknowingly advertising?


still sunny in PA said...

Problem #2 first: steal some size 2 stickers and just affix them to your pants while you will make you feel great when someone points it out to you.

Problem #1: Get used to it. Once you are an 8, you are supposed to grow in even numbers ONLY. Sally is 9 and still can wear the 7-8 at Target but mainly b/c we do the tankini. A one piece is too short. Gap is cut big so she certainly should be in an8 for awhile before hitting the 10. Once they turn 12, they want the cool clothes that are not necessarily sold at Target so you get to pay more for a size 00 which is just a racket...they is no such thing as a 00...notice the 5-7-9 store we grew up wit is obsolete. I think it's just an anti-odd number thing. If you'll invest your $$, I'll design a line of children's wear in odd numbered sizes. :)

Anything else??

Me, You, or Ellie said...

Oh, good idea, still sunny. I may try that too.....

I did not know there was no 9 year old love out there in the clothes stores. Oh behalf of 9 year old everywhere, I'm peeved. Totally.


Me, You, or Ellie said...

My kids are oddball sizes, so I never know what to buy or what will fit. But Beth, although it is hard it is to buy for girls, boys are way worse. Sizes are in no way relative to age or growth, it's a total crap shoot. My boy's pants are all either gigantic or capri length. Thank goodness for shorts weather!


martyjoco said...

Beth, Last summer I had a business trip to England. I rarely buy clothes, but the standards were looking kind of beat so I had run into Kohls the day I left and grabbed a few things. The first morning I came down to the posh hotel dining room to join my boss for breakfast. Because of its proximity to one of the British Open golf courses, the room was full of handsome rich Italian golfer guys. I was feeling pretty presentable in my new pants and sweater until my 5'1" 99-pound marathon-running size 1 boss pointed out the 14Tall14Tall14Tall14Tall sticker running down the back of my leg. Classy, Marty. Dress up much?

Me, You, or Ellie said...

Marty, you're the best -- not only to have pulled the same bonehead move as me, but to also share it with us here.