Saturday, April 24, 2010

Weekend 3 way: queue it up

Earlier this week I was working on my Netflix queue. You know, trying to add plenty of good flicks to the list so that I’m certain to have something exciting and anticipated coming back at me the next time I send that bright red envelope on its merry way -- instead of a big fat nothing.

My problem, however, is that I’ve never been big into watching movies. I don’t enjoy going to the theater, as much as Ellie’s film festival post made me wish I did. And although I do enjoy watching movies at home, I don’t do it all that often. Or at least didn’t used to. Having a baby who goes to bed at 6:30 pm is changing this a bit, so I’d like your help.

I want to have a kick ass queue. And you probably do too.

So………what are you top 5 movies ever?? Or, if that’s too ambitious, just list 5 that you’ve recently watched and would recommend to all. Provide us with some super suggestions so we don’t end up feeling like this. Please.

I like action, and drama, and romantic comedy. I like family movies, and thrillers, and foreign flicks. What I don’t like are sci-fi and fantasy. So it will not surprise you when I say, I did NOT like District 9. This does not make my top 5. Not by a long shot.

But here are some that do make my list:
Brokeback Mountain
The Bourne Identity
The Hangover
Life is Beautiful

I don't have a queue. I fervently wish I had a queue, because I love watching movies and I don't watch them nearly enough. Actually, I don't watch them ever lately, since our laptop crashed and we got it reloaded and it won't play DVDs anymore. All that's going to change, though: I'm going to find an external laptop DVD player. Hmm, I just looked on ebay and didn't see anything. Why is this so hard?


A couple of months ago my niece Chapel Hill Girl emailed me and my sisters and my mom (and dad, but he's an email lurker) this:

It is near the end of the semester (one week before exams start!) and for my film class, my TA has requested that everyone compile a list of about 8 films that we would recommend to our classmates. The kicker is that they have to be films that the majority of people would not have seen, so not blockbusters. I'm drawing a blank and I was wondering if you all had any suggestions.

Did we ever. We are a family full of suggestions. We'll suggest anything, to anybody. We're very helpful that way.

And this actually has nothing to do with Beth's question, but Beth's question made me think about this exchange with Chapel Hill Girl, and the ensuing emails that flew around, and I've had such fun revisiting it all. (Ohdeargod I am such a geek)

But anyway. Top five movies ever? That's a tough one. Here are five I fervently love:

*Brokeback Mountain
*Young Frankenstein
*Run Lola Run

Actually, that wasn't hard at all....


Ummmmm, Beth? You DO realize that the movie I invited you to watch with me on Weds is in a theater, right? LOL. It's an advance screening of "babies", can't wait! Top movies, hmmmm. That's hard. Here are a few:

The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo (don't miss it)
Empire Records
Johnny Dangerously

I reserve the right to add billions more after We're discharged!!


Me, You, or Ellie said...

Yes, and I can't wait!! That theater is much better than most. You know, not one of those crazy mall theaters, which overrunneth with teen hormones and hairspray, etc.

I am so looking forward, J!

And, Ellie, don't leave us hanging....what 8 "films" did Chapel Hill girl come up with after the tornado of suggestions??


Pat said...

This is a real a challenge for me. Since, for the last four years, I have lived alone and have watched a lifetime of movies.
For Ellie's list:
Rabbit Proof Fence
Lemon Tree
Mrs. Palfrey at the Claremont
The World's Fastest Indian
(about the machine not a person)

For my all time favorites:
Ben Hur
Lawrence of Arabia
A League of Their Own
The American President*
Seven Years in Tibet
Anna and the King(a non musical)

and some great recent movies: Gran Torino, The Boy in Stripped PJ's,
La Vie en Rose.
Movie Nut Pat
La Vie en Rose

not much time for movies in PA said...

I'm member of netflix but can't find the envelope to return a movie from 8 months ago so I have to stick with the "instant" selections there.

I watched a tear-jerker but wonderful documentary there called DEAR ZACHARY
Top 5 at this moment:
Last King of Scotland
Slumdog Millionaire
Four Wedddings and a Funeral
Love Actually

Have fun at a NEW movie with Jacquie :)

martyjoco said...

My favorite romantic movie ever is Cousin Cousine, but it must be the French one from 1975, starring Marie-Christine Barrault and Victor Lanoux. Don't mistakenly get the American remake with Ted Danson - non non non!

Me, You, or Ellie said...

Martyjoco! Welcome home!


martyjoco said...

Thanks, Ellie! We are happy to be back. London is certainly not the worst place to be stuck for 5 extra vacation days, but still, we were ready to come home. There could maybe be a guest blog in this tale of adventure - I mean, really, a volcano in Iceland?? No flights at all for six whole days? Could you make that up? I think not!

Thanks again for taking such good care of things at the tavern during our extended absence! Let's hope you haven't spoiled the customers so they now expect crudités and dip... PD will dash any such hopes pretty darn quick!

Kathi D said...

Well, my perennial #1 of ALL TIME is Wonder Boys. Other favorites: The Big Lebowski, Oh Brother Where Art Thou (love the Cohen brothers), The Fantastic Mr. Fox, Rear Window, Sling Blade. Oh, that's more than five. Oh well.