Friday, May 14, 2010

The Magical Tree

I have neglected, these last few weeks, to share the eye-popping beauty that spring is around here in these parts. The world went Poof! and everything bloomed and popped and busted and it would be downright irresponsible for me not to share it with the world.

Our irises, you ask?

Our irises came back beautifully in Year Two, thank you.

Purple irises make my heart sing.

Rosie popped her first bud yesterday. I refuse to prune her so she's going to be a mad, wild, crazy bush of rose love this summer.

Our azalea is in full bloom this week.

I refuse to trim the azalea either.

One of my favorite days in spring is the day Mistah plants the tomatoes. He usually does it on his birthday but this year he did it the day after his birthday, which was Wednesday.

Happy Birthday Mistah!

Those tomatoes are going to be four feet tall in a few months. And hey! Would you check out those steps!

The very best thing about spring, though, is the Magical Tree.

In a row of about 20 beautiful, vivid, stunning pink fruit trees . . .

. . . is this tree. The Magical Tree. Somewhere along the line a white tree got conjoined with a pink tree, and every year this guy blooms pink and white and looks absolutely delighted to be alive and in spring and in bloom, dazzling the likes of me every day.

It's magical.


Anonymous said...

1. Happy Birthday Mistah.
2. Is that a crab apple tree with some other apple grafted to it?
3. The steps rock.

sun is shining in PA said...

Love a little of Mother Nature's magic!
Nice work on those steps!!
Call me in August for some fresh tomatoes :)
Happy B-day to the Mistah!
oh..Happy Weekend as well! verification was "project" appropriate :)

Me, You, or Ellie said...

The steps rock, Ellie! Nice job. Or did you have Mistah do them on his birthday?

And the tree? Well, you're right, it's some kind of magical...


Magpie said...

Love the purple irises against the turquoise steps.

Me, You, or Ellie said...

LOVE that magical mystery tree! Everything looks so bright and spiffy and springy! Yay for Connecticut!



ChrsitineE said...

Awesome tree!

Happy Birthday Bill!

The steps look great. Would you be interested in doing my deck this summer?

I just discovered wild rose bushes taking over my back woods. I think I'm going to have to try and trim them or else they're going to kill my trees! I'm kind of scared of them...They're very pinchy.

Also, not to change the topic (except that it has to do with spring), I have about 700,000 toad tad poles living in my pool cover. I'm getting nervous because the pool cover is scheduled to come off Wednesday and they have only tiny legs so far. I was hoping they would hop away on their own. I feel very responsible for these little guys...

Mom C said...

Beautiful El, ahhh Spring... mom

Captain Dumbass said...

I love trees and plants that seem to just scream "SPRING!"