Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Trip the light fantastic

When T and I got married, the girls and I moved into his house soon after.

He’s owned the house for 13 years.

Have you ever tried to change a man’s house after he’s lived there for 13 years? Suffice is to say, it’s not easy.

Slowly but surely I am making changes. Of course I am. There were certain things that just had to go.

But I gotta hand it to him. He does have some very cool things. Some things you wouldn’t expect.

For instance, when we were decorating the girls’ room, he pulled out these bad boys, which matched their pink and blue décor exactly.

And when we needed a lamp for the baby’s yellow and green nursery, this fit right in the corner.

It’s not that I didn’t know that he had a penchant for tiffany-style lamps. I’d noticed others throughout the house, but when I looked up last week and finally noticed that there was one in our laundry room, which is detached from the house, and home to the pet food and utility sink and dirty laundry hampers, I decided I needed to pay more attention.

Just how many are there?

Well there’s the three in the girls’ bedrooms, and the one in the laundry room.

There's one in our bedroom closet,
(two for one deal?)
The incredible one above the kitchen table,

the light over the pool table,

the other three lamps in the game/playroom,

and the cute dragonfly fixture in the game/playroom bathroom

That's eleven, people, just one more and we've got a dozen.


Pat said...

I think they are spledid!

Pat said...

grrr...that would be spleNdid

Rita.the.bookworm said...

That is such a great quirk. I love it. I'd have to ask him though, if he did have twelve and one broke. Eleven is such an odd number!

Logical Libby said...

That is so much better than collecting mounted animal heads.

What a great guy.

Christina said...

Wow - really pretty! I particularly like the dragon fly.

Me, You, or Ellie said...

I don't know what I like better -- the fact that T owns so many cool stinkin' lamps, or that it took you a year to really notice, and count them all.

I do know what I like better. That it took you a year to count them.

They're awesome, by the way. They make my lamps feel drab and ordinary and pedestrian and plebeian. Not to mention boring.

I may have to start on a crusade of lamp upgrade . . .


Jacquie said...

Impressive collection! Libby opens the door to a whole lot of PROS about the choice of collections... I do recall an inventory of televisions at one point as well, yea? I'm with Ellie though, my favorite part is how you didn't notice for a whole year. I like a woman with her priorities straight!

great post



boring lamps in PA said...

just one more reason to love T...and another reason you're my would have probably taken me even longer to notice! :)

Me, You, or Ellie said...

If I would have married T's youngest brother I would have had a collection of mounted heads in my home, Libby. I think I made the right choice....

And Rita, there were more. The woman who lived there with him before me made off with some, mor than one from what I hear...

And Jacquie, we're down to 5 TVs! Oh, no, we still have 6, but that's better than 8, right?


Johanna said...

Such a funny post!!