Thursday, August 11, 2011

Domestic bliss?

Lately, I often find myself cracking up when I look around my house. I have kids, it's no secret, but sometimes I just have to laugh out loud, and snap a photo to document my current life.
At least someone has time for a spa treatment.

Yes, she is sitting buck naked in a doll stroller watching TV.

And yep, that's my girl reading a pie cookbook while working on something in the kitchen!

Okay, what? A peace-loving alien with a microphone?! Why?

There's something wrong with reading glasses next to goldfish and pacifiers, isn't there?

A child-size camp chair in my bathtub. But of course.

What? You don't have to move the scary babydoll aside to get to your cookbooks?

Just plain weird.

Two pacifiers in my center console?! This stuff is obviuosly not limited to my home.
Which makes me wonder what I'm actually carrying around with me right now....

Yep, just as I thought. I've got some choice toys right here in my purse.

 Ah, mid life with a toddler.


Me, You, or Ellie said...

Wow! There is a ton of crap on my table too, but my crap is oh so very different from your crap.

I love that your wee girl is so comfy in her skin she watches tv naked. And, you know, poops in her potty in the kitchen. While reading a pie cookbook! Perfect!

Nice slice of life, Beth. Now watch where you're going! Don't trip on anything!


needs a toddler in PA said...

It's good to be looking for the next thing to go in your body while the last thing works its way out :)

Let me know where I can get a sweet toddle for my mid-life...teens don't leave much around, other than a distinct odor and some food wrappers. (but I DON"T want one of my teens to provide me with a toddler)

Let me know when you are in NY so I can enjoy Miss C in person!

Pat said...

What a great picture essay of your life. My house is going to seem scary neat when you get here. Maybe I can scrounge up some junk for your room.
Love, Mom

Stephania Andrade said...

Your kid is adorable!
I just have to say that having toys ALL around the house is actually really helpful whenever one of the little ones is ready to have a fit. You can just hand them the toy and that'll buy you some time!

Me, You, or Ellie said...

Hilarious, Beth! Love Barbie's cucumber mask and little C in her birthday suit watching the tube. The debris does indeed change as the kids get older, but I highly doubt that it will ever be eliminated. Keeps our houses looking lived it and feeling like homes :)

nice post!!



Johanna said...

I love this post beth... You are a good momma!