Tuesday, August 2, 2011


I've spent a lot of time with these two goobers these past ten days:

*Sigh*. I love these goobers.

Mind you, I've got many many other nieces and nephews -- okay okay, six additional nieces and nephews -- as well, but I only got to see two out of those addtional six this past week. These two:

*Sigh*. I love these goobers.

In the meantime, Jacquie and her kids were here for a good long visit, and I got to spend loads of time with her particular goobers.

Jacquie's girl and I always have a lot to talk about.

Most of the time her responses start with, "Wait, what?"

But we just talk and talk and talk.

And have a few yuks. It is, after all, the Corey Way.

And Jacquie's boy? Oh, what a weirdly delightfully oddly perfectly awesome 12-year-old boy*.

*In other words, an alien from outer space. Please notice his nicely placed elbows on his plate. He's an awesome kid, with wonderfully creative ideas, like wanting to sell the rocks from Milford's Gulf Beach to the denizens of said Gulf Beach.

(He had no takers.)

We had a lot of fabulous meals together, including this one Jacquie prepared for us all at Mom's on Saturday evening.

Say it with me now: "Ya-hum."

Cheers, peeps!

We may have had a yuk or two ourselves that night . . .

. . . it's possible we were cracking up until we were crying . . .

. . . Jacquie may even have laughed until she fell into the laptop, but nobody's quite sure.

And Jacquie's kids? They may be those acorns you always hear about, the ones who fall not far from the ol' tree . . .

They have wonderfully honed senses of humor, and fabulous cases of joie de vivre.  And, frankly, they're the most spectacular goobers around.

Oof, I miss those goobers.


John Swinburn said...

Ellie...yep, they're cute goobers! I noticed you're reading Kamchatka...in Spanish or English? And Jacquie is reading Orange is the New Black...I heard the author on an NPR program...made me want to read the book but haven't yet. Jacquie, how do you like it?

Mistah said...

I miss those Goobers, too!

Mom C said...

Come back here you two.... love, grammy

Me, You, or Ellie said...

I read it in English, Mr. Kneeblood. And loved it.


Me, You, or Ellie said...

To quote the younger of the goobers. Wait, what?!

Mr. Kneeblood is actually John Swinburn? And he knows what you, and Jacquie, are reading?! Wait how?!

But moving on, that meal looks fabulous, as does the chilled white wine. Sigh.

And yes, yes of course, the goobers are all that you say, and more :) Hope you got your fill though, Ellie, as their back to being west coast goobers now!


Me, You, or Ellie said...

That took me a minute too, Beth... the reading part, not the incognito springer kneeblood. It's because of that long forgotten "what are you reading" sidebar, whoops!

Springer, that book was decidedly underwhelming. I kept waiting for it to get good, it seemed to have potential, but never achieved much more than a snail's pace of almost interesting white girl in prison camp drama.

this is not my real comment, by the way. back later...


Me, You, or Ellie said...

Oh, why, you sleuth you, Jacquie! I guess I should have been able to figure that out, but I don't, um, update (or apparently look at) that very much. Looks like not since I read "Cutting for Stone," which was, well, a LONG time ago. Bad me.

Me, You, or Ellie said...

I love those laughing photos so much! Although you broke the rule about only photographing the C-dog from her purple side. We were watching you tube, remember? The maple kind? yeah?

Love, love, love and miss you fools. Madly.


Springer Kneeblood said...

So, Swinburn finally looked at your long-forgotten "what we're reading" list. He's awfully slow, isn't he? Sorry to read "Orange" isn't the book one would have hoped. Kamchatka sounds like it holds promise, though.

Me, You, or Ellie said...

Well, "What Are You Reading" is not officially "long-forgotten" because I update it religiously. Religiously I tell you.

And Jacquie, MB must have been the photog for those non-purple-side photos. To think of it!

Lovely to hear from all y'alls.