Friday, February 8, 2013

shower the people

This week has been unusual in terms of showering. It’s not a thing I even think about ordinarily, I just shower after I work out, and I work out most every day so I easily maintain my rosy glow and sweet scent.  Take away my work outs, and I lose my sense of timing. At night it’s so cold and I loathe the idea of getting all wet when I’m not even sweaty.  In the morning, I don’t want to wake up early. If I do, the children will simply go back to sleep and then my boy and I will have to fight for shower time and dry towels. I’m not one of those people who needs to shower to get my day going. I’m good with strong coffee and brushes for my teeth and hair. My husband showers every morning, my son showers at least twice a day. Ahem. My girl bitches and moans about being forced to shower, then spends 45 minutes in there.  No matter who showers or does not shower when or where or for how long, there is never ever ever ever a dry towel handing within my reach when I emerge. Never. It is the bane of my very existence.

Is that too much info? Do you not want to hear about our toileting habits next?


Me, You, or Ellie said...

And now, all day long, I will be singing "Shower the people you love with luh-huve. Show them the waaay that you fee-eel......."

Can't you sneak a clean dry towel somewhere? Like in a plastic bag in the toilet tank or something? Or in the light fixture? Because this is Just. Not. Right.

Good luck, schnnokie. We're all rooting for you.

Beth said...

Indeed we are rooting for you, as moist and/or wet towels are the worst. Yuk. I *HATE* that.

Almost as bad are the towels that are dry to the touch, but smell mildewy immediately after/during your towel off because someone took them out of the dryer before they were actually dry, and they were left to dry slowly, likely in a heap somewhere. I *HATE* that too. That smell is repulsive, and I then feel as though it's on my skin, and, hey, I just showered!. "Sweet scent" be gone….

At my house I have "my" towels that no one is allowed to touch without my okay -- within an arms reach of my shower. Sounds selfish and controlling? Who cares!

And TMI, you ask? Never, I find the timing of showers baffling myself, and could wax poetic about it for days. (Oh, look, I've almost written a blog post about it already.)

Happy weekend to you, J. I'm wishing you hack-less nights and an abundance of dry towels, right within your grasp.


mom said...

Keep your towel right under your bed, he'll never find it. So glad you're feeling better. I love you. mom