Friday, September 6, 2013


On the day we were so rudely forced to leave San Elijo, we had to give up the campsite by noon but  planned to stay and enjoy the beach on a gorgeously perfect summer day. We had the westy and Bill's truck, and from our site we could see when the parking spaces we were seeking became available out on the street. Julie and Colleen kindly volunteered to move the truck while Bill and I packed the westy and mom watched the girls at the beach. After they secured the space, we passed a few items over the paltry chain link fence for ease of transport from site to rig. Then Julie and Colleen were ready to rejoin the ebbing tide of fun at site 103. It seemed silly for them to walk all the way down the street and into the campground and all the way down the campground road to get to us. We didn't have all that much time, so I suggested that they do the obvious and just hop the fence. They were sort of game, and I was abundantly supportive. Colleen asked: " Will you help us?"

Of course I'll help you, Colleen!

Oh, I'll help you alright. 

I grabbed the camera.
Here we see Julie bravely blazing the trail. it looks so simple, and really would be simple if one's legs were just a few inches longer. please zoom in on Julie's pained expression

Once she'd successfully traversed the obstacle, Julie regrouped and offered her support and assistance to the beloved young LaLa Girl.

Get that leg up there, Col! Good plan!
Yeah, yeah, no that was a bad idea. use the center bar for leverage and support

There you go, girl! Look at you, up and over!

Up, and ..... um. up? Here, let me spot you

No wait, let me join you. Look, Aunt Jacquie provided a helpful crashmat just in case you fall

But you're SO not going to fall, because I will catch you!

Here, I got ya. Give me that leg.

So they made it.

If only I had a triumphant photo of our young heroines, fresh from the kill. I think I was too excited/busy celebrating their arrival.

Or perhaps tragically scarred by that last photo?

Here, let's look at this instead:

Ach, that face. That gorgeous, dumb face. Get that face back upstairs in my westy pronto, wouldya?


Me, You, or Ellie said...

Up and over baby!

Love those girls. Good work chronicling such a momentous feat!

Miss y'all. Miss San Elijo.


Unknown said...

Thank you for the Friday morning giggles. Really, it took us twice as long to traverse that fence than it would have had we walked around. Those barbs were tricky! And we were still all wobbly-legged from your insane stair/beach workout! But the adventure provided us with a grand sense of accomplishment, and this photo montage for posterity.

MB said...

You people are adorbs! Miss you. xoxo

Beth said...

Tee hee. This is so funny. That first photo of Julie is hilarious! What an adorable mother/daughter combo. Such a supportive mum you've got there Colleen! ;)

Wish I would have seen this in person. Next time!