Friday, March 7, 2014

10 Good Things About Winter

It's important to remember that winter is not all bad. There are plenty of good things about a long, cold, endless winter. Lots of things!

1. The New London Winter Film Festival 

. . . to which we will eagerly return, after we have seen the next batch of movies . . .

2. Sunburn Index = 0 

. . . thus temporarily protecting our rapidly aging skin from further immediate harm.

 Emphasis on temorarily.

3. No bugs

Although, frankly, some bugs are really cool.

4. No crowds at the beach

Although, frankly, crowds at the beach can be very festive.

 5. Wool

We've discussed the merits of that magical material before. Wool keeps one warm. Even when one is really really cold.

6. The Winter Olympics

Especially that oh-so-fabulous double twizzle.

7. Dramatic Photography

I know. He's awesome.

8. You never have to feel guilty about spending too much time in bars and restaurants.

Afterall, if you ventured outside, you would get frostbite and die.

9. Um, let's see.......

Oh, I know! If you forget to bring your garbage out to the curb for weekly collection, you don't have to worry!

photo credit: Elite Daily
It won't rot, it won't smell. It is Frozen! Solid!

10. Ummmmmmm.......

Can I get back to you?


Beth said...

#10, Jacquie comes to visit because she just has to check out the polar vortex we're hearing so much about.

Okay, I loved hearing the baseball game in the background of the bee video. Hey, no wait a minute, that could also be #10 - no baseball!!! (Ha ha ha, just KIDDING, Ellie, I know you don't agree. Not one bit.)

Great post. Makes me think that you should take a post of you Corey sisters doing the twizzle!


Me, You, or Ellie said...

10. ummmm hellloooooo? cheap airfare from warm places to the tundra.

Great to see you, sister!

love and love and love and love